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10 Adventure Sports Around the World

Trying out new things is one of the biggest passions of young minds now a day. Youth are getting insanely attracted towards trying out new things that can be exciting and adventurous.

The world is ready with lot of such stuffs where you can end your search of adventure. Adventure is something that is beyond your comfort zone, beyond your mind and beyond your physical capacity. Basically it is all about taking risk. Taking risks can be possible by playing various adventurous sports in the world that we are less aware of. But Very few places have these adventurous sports all over the world where you can end your search to do something adventure based in your lifetime.

Now, let’s check what are the names of these adventurous sports and how can you play these:

  1. Downhill Mountain Biking is carried on through suspension bikes. Bikers have to glide down the hills or rocky paths to complete the adventure. The bike is safely constructed, but chances of risk are also high.

2. Kite Surfing is playing with wind and water at the same time. The deadly combo of water boarding and paragliding all together where the waves are cut off by the surfboard that is used in the game. At times, the surfboards don’t have foot straps even.

(Pic Source -Villa-Bali.com)
(Pic Source -Villa-Bali.com)
  1. Fresh Water Cave Dining is levels higher than just scuba diving. People who can stay in water for long time should perform this sport. You will be accompanied by less visibility, strong water currents and less technically equipped things around you.
(Pic Source - eOasia)
(Pic Source – eOasia)
  1. Volcano Boarding is purely performed on volcano slopes. Riders choose active volcanoes to perform this task where they are come with a thin plywood or metal board to just slide down the volcanic hill.
(Pic Source - )
(Pic Source – The Plaid Zebra)
  1. Heli-Skiing is done by helicopters where skiers board helicopters to reach to such landing zone of the mountain that is mainly covered with snow and ice. They are left to that place with a guide to find themselves back.
(Pic Source - Spinning Orbit)
(Pic Source – Spinning Orbit)
  1. Bouldering is one of the toughest sport that is practiced across the globe a various countries. The sport involves rock climbing without any safety equipment. The rock climbing doesn’t have ropes even for precautions. This sport is practiced on the heights ranging from 20ft to 30ft.
(Pic Source - Matador Network)
(Pic Source – Matador Network)
  1. Bull Riding is majorly practiced in many places and is one of the most dangerous sports played in the world. This sport involves staying on the top of the bull for quite some time. The dangerous part is that the bull tries to throw off the rider and the rider has to sustain themselves on the top of the animal for at least 8 seconds.
(Pic Source - Bangor Daily News)
(Pic Source – Bangor Daily News)
  1. Sky Diving became more famous after this sport was showcased on silver screen for quite few times. The process is to reach a height of 10000ft above the sea level through airplanes and then jump off the plane with just a parachute.
(Pic Source - wallpaperspoints)
(Pic Source – wallpaperspoints)
  1. Micro Flying is piloting a lightweight aircraft where seats for two are installed. The wings of the aircraft are fixed and people riding the aircraft should have some knowledge of flying it.
(Pic Source - World of Wanderlust)
(Pic Source – World of Wanderlust)
  1. Ice Climbing is a tough sport to be done. Those who can climb mountains should go for ice climbing that is generally practiced on frozen waterfalls or other types of ice formations. This stunt involves usage of ropes and other special equipment’s for safety.
(Pic Source - WallpapersCharlie)
(Pic Source – WallpapersCharlie)

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