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10 All Time Vamps in Bollywood

Negativity defines the power of positivity. The limit of negativity is always seen in our bollywood masalas movies or on small screen. Vamps are the one that grabs attention if portrayed with perfection.
Bollywood has always been addicted to hero heroines and all the dhishum dhishum with the bad guys. But audiences are more grabbed when the villain is a woman. Portraying a negative character is not that easy, but some of our all time favourite vamps of Bollywood have made it easy with perfection.
This write up is to remember all those vamps who have made audience believe that women always should not be portrayed as a good, innocent and quite one, some of them are like these also who bring out the grey side of the female gender.

1. Farhat Nadira or Nadira Baghdadi Jew was said to be the first Indian actress who portrayed negative character on screen. She was seen smoking cigarettes in the movies and is considered as a bold actress because of her western attire and bold scenes.

Source - Upperstall.com
Source – Upperstall.com

2. Lalita Pawar is a name that is still alive in everyone heart for her portrayal of some immense negative roles on screen. She is often called the mother of all vamps. She mostly played the role of wicked mother-in-law who made things tough and worse for her daughter-in-laws.

Source - www.zulm.net
Source – www.zulm.net

3. Shashikala Jawalkar is commonly known by her first name. Her first portrayal of negative role was in 1962 film ‘Aarti’ starring Meena Kumari, Ashok Kumar and Pradeep Kumar. Since then she has worked for more than 100 movies in which she redefined negativity at its best.

Source - DNA India
Source – DNA India

4. Helen is another name in the list. Known for her dance moves, Helen is also remembered for her acting skills which majorly focused on negativity. In 70s she rules the screen with her elegance in dancing and also with portrayal of such iconic negative roles.

Source - Kanigas
Source – Kanigas

5. Aruna Irani is a common name in Bollywood for her character based roles and her cabaret dance. She starred in 300 movies and more and in most of them portrayed the role of vamp who made things worse for other people.

Source - Indiandhamal.Com
Source – Indiandhamal.Com

6. Bindu, a very popular actress from the 70s and 80s time who brilliantly performed the role of vamp in many movies. She also played the role of seductress and her dance moves were the talk of the town in that time frame.

Source - Rediff.com
Source – Rediff.com

7. Rohini Hattangadi is remembered for her portrayal of negative role in the movie ‘Chaalbaaz’. Her weird hairstyle and creepy makeup was what grabbed the eyeballs of many audiences. She is also remembered for her other negative roles in many movies she did.

Source - www.mid-day.com
Source – www.mid-day.com

8. This list is not complete without Kajol being in this list. Her role in Gupt was what gave goose bumps to audience. In the peak of her career, she choose to essay a negative role was beyond imagination. The best part was the role played by her was something called perfection.

Source - Bollywood Life
Source – Bollywood Life

9. Shabana Azmi, one of the best actor of all time. Playing variety of roles in her career span, she portrayed each and every role with ease and perfection. Her negative role in the movie ‘Makdee’ is something to remember for a longer span of time.

Source - FRIDAY magazine
Source – FRIDAY magazine

10. Last in the list is our own global star Priyanka Chopra who portrayed the role of a vamp in her movie ‘Aitraaz opposite Akshay Kumar. Her role as a powerful boss was something to be remembered for.

priyanka chopra
Source – Wikipedia

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