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10 Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long hairs are like boon and curse all at a time. Having healthy long hair is no less than a boon that has its own shine and smoothness whereas the same long hair can be unmanageable during summers.

Getting ready for any party or occasion is also tough with long hairs. All you can do is tie your hair the same way you tie it every day. No change in your hairstyle unless and until someone helps you out with it. But now on, things are going to change and you will come across some cool, trendy and new type of hairstyles that will blow your mind with the easy process it can be done.

Let’s start off with some new things today:

  • Flower Braid: An easy and accessible way to give your long hair all new type of look. You just need to gather a section of your hair from both the temples and tie a ponytail. Just make braid with the ponytail and loosen it a bit to add volume to it. Just spin the braid around like a bun and adjust it with pins. Your flower braid is ready.
Flower braid
(Pic Source : AskHairstyles)
  • Curls for Hairs: Curls are something that gives volume to your hair, if you have thin hair. You just have to make a ponytail and divide the ponytail into two sections. Now curl both the sections with the curler and then open the ponytail and adjust your hair with your fingers.
Curls for hairs
(Pic Source : Best Hairstyles 2017)
  • Messy Bun: One of the easiest of them all. Messy bun can be made anywhere and anytime depending on you. Just tie a ponytail and spin the ponytail over the rubber band and secure it with bobby pins. Use tail comb to lift the section of hair between the head band for volume.
Messy Bun
(Pic Source : YouTube)
  • Double Pony: The easiest way to increase the volume of your hair. Just divide the hair into half and tie a pony on the upper half of the head. Tie another ponytail just below the first one. Now tease the top ponytail through the use of a comb to create fullness. Your double pony is ready.
Double Pony
(Pic Source : YouTube)
  • Side Twists: A simple and great way to tie your hair with ease. You can try this for any purpose- say office, party, casuals or ethnic. You have to take one inch of your hair from one side and twist it away from your face. Set the twist though hairpin and secure it for no movements.
Side Twists
(Pic Source : Hair Romance)
  • Twisted Pony: A great boho look can be achieved through this hair style. All you need to do is part your hair into two parts and bring out a section of hair from the side part of it. Now just twist the hair from both sides and adjust it with pins. Tie a ponytail with the leftover hair and the twists done.
Twisted Pony
(Pic Source : Artzy Creations)
  • Braid Wrapped Ponytail: A pretty country girl look is available after you have completed this hairstyle. Do a ponytail while keeping the side of your hair loose. Make a braid with the leftover side hairs and spin the braid over the ponytail. Secure it with pins and your braided ponytail is ready for any party.
Braid wrapped ponytail
(Pic Source : Brit + Co)
  • Super Long Ponytail: A ponytail with some front and side locks will help you to look utter stylish and also will give your hair a whole new look. It is very easy to be done. Just tie your hair on a pony tail in a little loose manner and then take out the side fringes of your hair for that sexy look.
Super long Ponytail
(Pic Source : Pinterest)
  • Twisted Halo: A super attractive hairstyle for girls having long hair. Twist back a small section of hair from both the sides and tuck it behind the other twisted part and pin it up. Leave the other part of hair loose. This gives a beautiful look once done.
Twisted Halo
(Pic Source : WeddingsOnline)
  • Twisted waves: The easiest of them all. Just twist the hair and blow dry it. Let it play loose. This looks great once the hair is dried and stays at a place.
Twisted waves
(Pic Source : Rhimos.info ~ make your hair neat and harmonious)

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