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10 Easy Ways to Make Cheap Steak Tender and Yummy

In summers, nothing is more yummy than a well barbecued steak, but as we all know, this piece of meat is pretty expensive and not all families can afford to buy this, but everyone wants to eat it.

You bought a piece of steak and you want it to be tenderizer, one option is this you should be using lots of acid, I am not talking about any chemical acid, but vinegar.

In this article, we will be mentioning the 10 most efficient way to tenderize cheap steak and make it tender and delicious:

1. Vinegar can be of any type, Balsamic, Rice, White or Black vinegar Marinade:

It actually breaks down the molecules and the meat tissues and also absorbs more of fluids. A simple plain balsamic vinegar can do wonders. One can have the concoction of balsamic vinegar, olive oil, Worcestershire sauce, mustard and garlic. Spread this mixture evenly on the thawed steak piece and preferably leave overnight. In the morning, your marinated steak ready to be grilled.

White or Black vinegar Marinade
(Pic Source : lemon squeezy)

2. Secondly it is lemons, Yes LEMONS Marinade:

Like Vinegar,  lemon juice also helps to break down the steak, which makes it tender. Be it low cost steak piece, you will enjoy the flavour of high flavour meat. Mostly marinate comprises of three things, oil, spices and acid, without acid there is no wonder as it is the principle component on which the beef breaks down as the steak and pork are the densest meat.

LEMONS Marinade
(Pic Source : men’s fitness)

3. Soy Sauce Marinade:

It is Oriental sauce but it marinates steak very well and also it gives the punch to the  flavour of the meat. For the marinate, you have to remove the visible fat from the steak and prepare the mix in the meanwhile. In a bowl, mix soy sauce, chopped garlic, brown sugar and let it to mix. And now take your steak piece and thaw it completely, after thawing and cutting down the fat pieces from the steak. Pour in the soy sauce mixture on the steak and let it marinate at least for 6 to 8 hours. After the completion of the marination process, grill it to perfection.

Soy Sauce Marinade
(Pic Source : wishful chef)

4. Papaya Marinade:

Papaya is also chief meat breaking agent as it has got the protein digesting enzyme pepsin, it is also used as the commercial meat tenderiser too and it is extremely easy to prepare the meat tenderiser using papaya. Just use couple tablespoon of  papaya, garlic, ginger and salt, this is great mix and in addition to this, you can add bit of rosemary leaves also.

Now, pour the mixture on the steak and again leave for handsome 6 to 8 hours and your delicious beef brisket is ready.

Papaya Marinate
(Pic Source : LCBO)

5. Kosher Salt Marinade:

Kosher Salt is the one ingredient which is amicably the best ingredient one can find on the earth for the meat tenderising. Just rub generous amount of Kosher salt on the both sides of the steak and also put extra salt on it and rub it thoroughly for 10 minutes and also season with black pepper. Again marinate for around 6 hours and then your super tender juicy meat is ready.

Kosher Salt Marinade
(Pic Source : recipes)

6. Beer Marinade:

Apart from adding great flavour to the steak, it also tenderises it as it breaks down the protein compound into the amino acids. You need beer, salt and pepper along with the steak and then put all the ingredients in the zip lock pouch as no air should seep in. As it is gonna oxidize your steak and make it unchewable. Shove that ziplock bag into the fridge for 6 to 8 hours as the beer marinade makes it soft and flavourful. A beer marinated steak will guard us against the formation of PAHs. They are associated with cancer and it is also present in the crude oil, gasoline and coal. By adding beer, you keep risk of PAHs at bay.

Beer Marinade
(Pic Source : rotato)

7. Soaking Steak In Buttermilk:

As the buttermilk has acidic content, so it makes cheap steak or beef into a juicy and tenderising stuff. Buttermilk contains Calcium as it combines with proteins and break down the beef. It makes the beef extremely tender without making mushy but you need to understand the basics of the buttermilk marinate first, steak can be soaked in buttermilk for 2 to 10 hours and it is extremely favourable for the beef. You can add seasoning to the beef, like oregano, rosemary, salt and pepper.

Soaking Steak In Buttermilk
(Pic Source : tiphero)

8. Marinate With Coffee:

Coffee is again an extremely tenderizing agent and it also adds the flavour to the beef. You need to combine coffee with soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, sesame seed mixture and little drizzle of Olive Oil. It is excellent marinade for beef.

Marinate Beef With Coffee
(Pic Source : SAQ.com)

9. Ginger Marinade:

 Again Ginger, is one thing that breaks down the beef and it gives a strong aroma to the beef. Just add soy sauce, salt, pepper, ginger and rosemary spice for the marinate and it gives an exotic flavour to the beef.

Ginger Marinate beef
(Pic Source : Tricycle Acres)

10. Pineapple Marinated Beef:

Pineapple juice again is the extremely tenderising agent for the beef as it breaks down the proteins. Mix together Worcestershire sauce, pineapple juice, brown sugar and Olive oil and marinate the beef for around two hours and cook after that. The delicate and tender brisket is there on your platter.

Pineapple Marinated Beef
(Pic Source : Giảm cân)

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