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10 Events that Rocked 20th Century

History is that truth which can never be denied. Faded away days and moments are the ones that build or destroy a country, territory or empire.

Every shocking and rocking incident in history has played some major role for the present situation. Gathering those events from history in this write up to help you revise the time and purpose for the events that the world witnessed long ago.

Atom Bomb- Let’s start the list with the major event of history that shook everyone in the world. Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the two cities of Japan were destroyed when America dropped ‘Little Boy over these two places. The new fundamental force and Atom Bomb took birth together for the new world.

(Pic Source - Ron Paul Liberty Report)
(Pic Source – Ron Paul Liberty Report)

Holocaust– The event held from 1941-45, is considered as the dark phase of modern history. The mass murder and genocide was held in Germany and its territories. This event killed 6 to 11 million European Jews who resided in Germany. This mass murder was carried on under the guidance and order of Adolf Hitler during World War II.

(Pic Source - Fact Retriever)
(Pic Source – Fact Retriever)

Satyagraha– India witnessed Satyagraha in the early twenty century when Mahatma Gandhi fought for the nation for its independence without any violence. With the help of Satyagraha and nonviolence movement, the British Rule in India came to an end.

(Pic Source - Metta Center for Nonviolence)
(Pic Source – Metta Center for Nonviolence)

World War I– No other event can match this event. The entire world was divided into two and fighting with the other, which turned into declaration of World War. The destruction, loss of lives, subsequent depression was what First World War carried with it.

(Pic Source - CNN.com)
(Pic Source – CNN.com)

Cold war– Just after the Second World War was over, USSR and USA were in the run of cold war to become the epitome of power of the world and dictate the world. They competed in almost every field like science, weapons, armies and human resource generation to reach the ultimate point.

(Pic Source - CNN.com)
(Pic Source – CNN.com)

Computer– The birth of computer is another turning point in the history of technology. Computer was invented in 1950s, but it was in the last two decades that technology hit computer, creating something that made future different from what it was. Computers rule the entire world and every move we make are somehow directed through it.

(Pic Source - ExtremeTech)
(Pic Source – ExtremeTech)

The Turing Machine– The history of Turing Machine is long and needs enough time to frame it. But the major part that this machine did was saving the world from some more disaster during the World War II. The machine helped in ending the Second World War 2.5 years before, which is really commendable.

(Pic Source - Technology and Gadget Info)
(Pic Source – Technology and Gadget Info)

Reaching the Space– Yuri Gagarin was the first man to go to space. The 20th century witnessed this event that technology made it to be extreme. It was in the year 1961, 12 April when the Russian Soviet pilot reached space.

(Pic Source - Universe Today)
(Pic Source – Universe Today)

Man in Moon– Soon after reaching the space, man went to land in moon also. Neil Armstrong and Edwin ‘Buzz Aldrin were the first humans to reach moon in the year 1969. This was one of the biggest victory of US in the history of space exploration.

(Pic Source - Haiku Deck)
(Pic Source – Haiku Deck)

India’s Independence– India got Independence from 200 years of British rule. The day, 15 August 1947 was the day of freedom for India. This was attained after long struggle and fights.

(Pic Source - Merinews)
(Pic Source – Merinews)

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