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10 Famous Vegan Dishes of Mexican Food

Food is not only for eating. Food is like a therapy. Good and delicious food makes your moment much more interesting and good. Spending a bad mood can be overcome when you have some great delicacies in front of you.

Mexican food is nothing but a fusion of Spanish food cooked in a different manner with some new addition in it. Corn, beans, avocados, tomatoes and chilli peppers are used in Mexican food along with rice, which is their staple food. Mexican food also entails beef, pork and chicken in it. But if you are a vegetarian person and want to taste Mexican food, then you too should have some great options for it.

Here we will share some famous vegan dishes of Mexico that can be some new thing for vegetarian people that can be tried by them in some near time:

  • Butternut Squash Chipotle Chili with Avocado is a fully vegetarian food that is a simple yet interesting mixture of spice and sweetness together. The creamy avocado along with onion, bell peppers, butternut squash and some spices makes the dish worth eating. The main attraction in this dish is the avocado and the bell peppers together making the dish far tastier.
Butternut Squash Chipotle Chili with Avocado
(Pic Source : Cookie and Kate)
  • Beer Bean Stuffed Poblano Peppers is a mixture of roasted pepper stuffed with beans and variety of spices in it. The exciting part of this recipe is that the entire dish is cooked in Mexican beer and served with peppers and garnished with cilantro. Eating it with rice can enhance the taste even more.
Beer Bean Stuffed Poblano Peppers
(Pic Source : A Pirate’s Journey in the Kitchen – blogger)
  • Half hour chilli is a dish that vegetarian people of Mexican love. The ingredients used in this dish are mainly beans and tomatoes. The chilli added in the dish makes it spicy and also the aroma is loved by food lovers.
Half hour chilli
(Pic Source : Serious Eats)
  • Vegetarian Burrito Casserole is basically a rice dish combined with some left over items like tomatoes, tomato juice, chilli powder, cumin, taco and cheese. Tortilla is also used in the dish. This dish is usually made when you are not in a mood to cook and still want to have something different and lip smacking.
Vegetarian Burrito Casserole
(Pic Source : Recipelar)
  • Vegetarian Tacos is mainly made up of black beans, tomatoes, tortillas, lettuce and herbs and spices. The dish is mainly served as a snack and is completely healthy and nutritious based. Tacos can be served with cheese and lettuce leaves.
Vegetarian Tacos
(Pic Source : Pinterest)
  • Ranchero Eggs over Polenta is a dish made up with polenta, tomato mixture, eggs and spices. The ingredients itself tells that the dish is perfect for munching at any time of the day. It is light and the goodness of healthy things is all mixed, making it a good choice to eat.
Ranchero Eggs over Polenta
(Pic Source : blissful bites – WordPress.com)
  • Poblanos Stuffed with Black Beans is basically a dinner item. This recipe is a great way to cover up black beans with cheese, pepper, jalapeno and various Mexican seasonings. You can never say no to this dish if served hot. It is delicious and also nutritious.
Poblanos Stuffed with Black beans
(Pic Source : What’s Cooking Good Looking)
  • Gorditas is one of the best dish Mexican has ever produced. The cheesy, spicy and the extra dose of fried crunch make the dish much yummier. It only takes half an hour to get cooked and ends up into something divine and finger licking good.
(Pic Source : Hispanic Kitchen)
  • Mango Almond Sherbet is a desert that is something like a cocktail along with almond, cinnamon and vodka or tequila. The best part of this desert is that this desert is freezed for three days continuously before serving you, making it irresistible for foodies.
Mango Almond Sherbet
(Pic Source : Vegetarian Times)
  • How can I not add nachos in it? A great snack Nachos is made up of tortilla chips and melted cheeses. This is mainly a dish from northern Mexico and tastes heavenly when served with some ketchup or cheese dip.
(Pic Source : The Pioneer Woman)

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