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10 Fashion Cheats and Tips for Short Girls to Look Taller

Being short is not bad for anyone and not at all for the girls. But sometimes, short girls want to look taller. So here are some style tips for them to appear taller. One has to be happy what you have but sometimes we wish to have, what we don’t have.
I have learnt some tricks and tips for the shorter girls to appear taller. Here are some tips to look taller for short and petite girls:

  1. High Waisted:

The best tip is to wear high waisted skirts, shorts and pants. This trick adds length to the legs and they appear elongated. Try to tuck in shirt or top along with high waisted skirt and look tall and happening. A high waisted skirt is adding element to your style also.

High Waisted Jeans
(Pic Source – Aliexpress)
  1. Wear Platforms:

If you are wearing platform, then it adds few inches to you but first you have to learn the difference between heels and platform. Platform gives you couple of inches height giving less arch and they are easy to handle. Super comfy footwear.

  1. Vertical or Deep Necklines:

Have deep, I don’t mean plunging necklines, but V necklines to make you look tall or shop for V neck dress or tunic.

Vertical or Deep Necklines
(Pic Source – Lyst)
  1. Wear Vertical Lines:

This pattern of clothing makes you appear longer.

Vertical Line Dress
(Pic Source – Destinationfemme)
  1. Wear Maxi Dress:

This looks great on the short girls and they carry it off well. Girls, you can also sport flat sandals or strapped sandals as they really well. I love maxi dress as they are extremely comfortable.

Maxi Dress
(Pic Source – Limeroad)
  1. Crop Top:

Wear crop top with high waisted shirt or shorts and it will make you fabulous.

Crop Top
(Pic Source- cleida)
  1. Experiment:

Try and buy outfits that suit you, being petite and short are not bad but avoid large pattern and try to wear solid colors.

Solid Color Dress for short Girls
(Pic Source – Simibridal)
  1. Confidence:

Even if you are tall or short or petite or voluptuous, be confident and carry yourself with style.

(Pic Source - Buzzfeed)
(Pic Source – Buzzfeed)
  1. Too much of Fabric or Baggy Clothes:

Too much clothes for a petite girl will make her look shorter and if you wear baggy clothes then also you will look short. Both these clothing patterns won’t complement a short girl. So avoid both.

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