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10 Hacks that Will Last Your Food Longer

Every year, there is an incredible amount of food wastage by the people. However, people don’t know how to keep the food fresh for longer also they simply do not care about wastage of food. Once you know about how to keep food stay fresh for longer, then you can save extra money in your pocket. Here are some of the hacks to keep your food fresh for longer.

1. You Can Test Your Eggs:

If you have doubt that your eggs are still fresh or not then check it out. Take a bowl of cold water and put the eggs in the bowl. If the egg sinks, then it is fresh. Otherwise, it is not fresh.


2. Make the Banana Stay Longer: 

Simply wrap the crown to the bunch of bananas tightly as much as possible along with cling film. Thus, it slows down the ripening process and keeps the banana fresh as the day it was plucked.


3. Make Onion Wear Tights:

You have to insert onion into a new pair of tights then tie a knot between whole onions and hang the onions in the cool dry place. This keeps the onion dry, makes it able to breathe, and suspended in the air. Thus, it keeps onion stay fresher for six months.


4. Make Sure Cheese Stay Fresh:

Simply soak the paper towel in the vinegar and wrap the cheese using it. Then keep it in the plastic baggie and store it in the fridge.


5. Do Not Wash Vegetable or Fruits:

Always keep in mind that does not wash vegetables and fruits before goes into the fridge. Make sure wash the fruits/vegetable before you eat.


6. Store Milk in Glass Bottles:

Old fashion glass bottles come with a sealing of cardboard cartons that keeps your milk stay fresh for longer so, store milk in it.


7. Separate Vegetable and Fruits:

Always store the vegetables and fruits in the different drawer in the fridge or store it separately.  This expands the life of the fruits and vegetables and for the green chilies , pluck the stem of the chilies and wrap newspaper around it.


8. Store Fresh Bread in a Paper Bag:

Cover the fresh bread with a dry kitchen towel then place it in the paper bag. This lets the bread breathe and avoid drying.

fresh-bread9. Keep Lemons in the Plastic Bag:

The best way to keep the lemon fresh is to keep it in the plastic bag and refrigerate it. Thus, lemon stays fresher for a month. fresh-lemon

10. Put Greens in Storage Container:

Put greens in the plastic storage container with two layers of plastic towels that keeps it fresher for ten days.


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