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10 Healthy Breakfasts and Why Healthy Food is Important

Health is wealth, a very common phrase, but very true and apt one as well. In our busy lives we need to intake some good food that is healthy and nutrition based.

Eating healthy food can help you to live a good life. Foods that is rich in nutrition helps in leading a healthy life. Your diet will help you to rule your day, it will provide you energy, reduce your risk of falling ill and will help you to maintain your balanced weight. It makes you live a good and smooth life.

If you are staying away from home then it is not possible for you to eat healthy and nutrition based food all the time. In such situation what you can do is to just concentrate on your breakfast. Having a healthy and full breakfast is very essential for a good start of the day. The day can be started with some great breakfast items that will help you to stay healthy and will rule your appetite the entire day.

Here come some of the healthy breakfast items that can be included in your list.

  1. Oatmeal is one of the best food item that can eaten at breakfast. This food item is rich in mega 3 fatty acid, potassium and folate. If consumed on daily basis, oatmeal or oats will help in reducing cholesterol and healthy digestion.
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  1. Yogurt is another breakfast item that can be good for all age group. The creamy side of the curd is drained out and what remains is plenty of proteins in the bowl. This helps in keeping your stomach healthy and also full for longer duration of time.
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  1. Eggs are a great way to fill your stomach without increasing your weight. High in cholesterol, eggs is a great way to intake protein at one go.
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  1. Fruits can also be a good option for breakfast. While choosing fruits to be eaten at breakfast, keep in mind to choose fruits that are rich in fiber. Fiber rich fruits help in controlling cardio disease, diabetes and various types of cancer.
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  1. Smoothies now a days are gaining lot of popularity. Preparing smoothies is easy and can be prepared quickly as well. Banana, berries, mango can be used to prepare smoothie.
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  1. Cornflakes are another good option to have at breakfast. Cornflakes and milk will help you to stay full and will keep a check on your weight as well.
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  1. Coffee is a must to start your day. It recharges you to work the entire day, providing you enough energy. Intake of coffee helps in reducing risk of several diseases like diabetes and cancer.
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  1. Juices are a great way to start the day. Drinking orange, watermelon, grapefruit juice will help you to stay fresh and full for long. The healthy nutrients that juice provides the body is needed.
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  1. Bread is a good option for breakfast. Breads can be taken as bread toast, bread omlet or simple bread with light white butter.
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  1. Almond butter or peanut butter is a great way to start your day. It can be taken with bread or can be just eaten direct from the jar, gives you a immense pleasure for its taste and also helps in keeping your stomach full.
Almond butter or Peanut butter
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