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10 Interesting Facts about Orgasm that you did not know

1. A slight seminal odor can be detected on the breath of a woman within about an hour after sexual intercourse.

2. Since animals don’t tend to register pain or pleasure on their faces the same way humans do when they reach orgasm, we are unable to tell when they are experiencing sexual arousal. As primates, we use our mouths.

3. It turns out that women can prematurely orgasm. This is great, other than the fact that afterwards, they can jump right back into it again. Whereas us guys need a little bit of time.

4. Contrary to popular belief, there is only one type of orgasm for women. There isn’t a clitoral orgasm and a vaginal orgasm, or even an anal orgasm. It’s all one orgasm, but you can achieve it in a plethora of ways.

5. Squirting is a very real thing. Not every woman can do it, but when they do, it’s pretty intense for the girl.

6. Because with each and every orgasm we experience, oxytocin is released into your body and gets our endorphins going, the more orgasms you have the more likely you are to manage chronic pain issues.

7. Women who orgasm regularly have more regulated menstrual cycles. When we orgasm our pelvic region becomes engorged with blood, healthy blood filled with nutrients that can keep both keep our periods on track.

8. Aren’t we all looking for the fountain of youth? YES! But a way more fun (and less expensive) way to look younger is by having regular orgasms. Those who orgasm more look at least seven years younger than they actually are.

9. Women who experience more orgasms live longer than those who do not. A tally of death certificates of women from a study back in 1941 found that women who had orgasms frequently lived far longer than women of their own age who didn’t have sexually satisfying lives.

10. Men and Women who indulge in excessive smoking & drinking lose the ability to reach orgasm. So you have a strong reason to quit now!

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