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10 Juice Cures You Should know About

Less availability of time can slope you towards unhealthy and unfit life. Proper eating and drinking habits are almost omitted by busy people. This is the reason that young generation is not having that immunity to fight with the body bacteria that can weaken them.

Including fruits and vegetables in your meal is very necessary to lead a healthy life. Earlier people used to eat lot of fresh vegetables and fruits to keep themselves fine. Eating of raw fruits and vegetables was at that time referred to as juice therapy. Now also this juice therapy prevails, but very few people know about it. They are not aware of the different types of benefits that these juice therapies can provide us. So, let’s now take some time out and read on to know the how juice therapies can cures can almost all health issues:

  • If you are prone to acidity then you should definitely try to consume juice made up of grapes, oranges, sweet lime, carrot and spinach. This will help in lessening your acidity part on regular consumption. You can also chew few basil leaves to keep a control on acidity as it absorbs the food.
juice made up of grapes
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  • If you are an asthma patient then you should intake juice made of apricot, lemon, peach, carrot, radish and celery. If you try to take juices of these vegetables and fruits then it is sure that your asthma will be cured.
juice made of apricot
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  • Pomegranate juice is something that is very good for your heart. It is also a great remedy for people suffering from low blood pressure. Consuming this on daily basis is something that will be helpful.
Pomegranate juice
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  • Suffering from gastric problem? This can be easily lessened if you swallow a flake of garlic or take garlic juice in empty stomach daily morning. It helps in keeping your stomach healthy and fit. Garlic is also good for uric acid patients. Eating garlic can control the uric acid level to a large extent.
garlic juice
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  • Drinking apple juice early morning on an empty stomach can help you to get relief from migraine pain. This process of drinking apple juice early morning should be done for quite some time before getting any help.
apple juice
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  • Ginger juice, one of the best way to get rid of cough, cold and sore throat. You just have to mix 2 teaspoons of honey along with same quantity of ginger juice and drink it on regular intervals. Your cough and cold problem will be soon away.
Ginger juice
(Pic Source : Best Herbal Health)
  • Cucumber juice is a great remedy to cure acne and blackheads. Grate the cucumber and take out the juice from it. You can apply the juice on your face and neck with cotton to get the same results. Use as per your convenience.
Cucumber juice
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  • Headaches can be cured with the help of juice made by grapes or lemon, carrot, lettuce or spinach. It will slowly take away the headaches from you without your any extra effort.
juice made by grapes or lemon, carrot, lettuce or spinach
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  • If you have dark circles, then you need to know the benefits of tomato juice. Using this over your dark circle area or just consuming it can help you to remove those dark circles that make you less attractive. Give some time for this remedy to actually work.
tomato juice
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  • How can we forget lemon juice? Lemon juice is one of the richest source of vitamin c and this helps in curing stomach problems nausea, heartburn, indigestion, high blood pressure, stress and so on.
lemon juice
(Pic Source : Livestrong.com)

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