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10 Liters of Free Beer from a Tree in Delhi University Everyday

One thing is there, if has not been to Delhi University, then you really missed something in life. Apart from being the most happening place in Delhi, it has so much to offer, the fashion, the food and the endless discussions on the various topics, which are varying from discovery of earth to what the Canteen Wala is going to prepare next day.

But one of the amazing discoveries in the North Campus, Delhi University is the tree that gives beer. Yes, it is true, I am not faking and there is a specialised tree in North Campus, which produces 10 liters of sap daily. It is called, ’Damdhami tree or Virgin tree’ and the sap it produces it called ‘Neem Beer’. It is seen that the people are queuing up for this beer and the major reason is that, it is absolutely free too.

(Pic Source : MensXP.com)
(Pic Source : MensXP.com)

The tree is one of the 15 Neem trees near the campus, to be producing the beer. In case you are planning to visit North campus (DU) and have the glimpse and a drink from that tree, it won’t be of much hassle as the empty containers are there around tree for collection of Neem sap or beer and the tree has very strong beer scent, which will definitely catch hold of your nostrils.

(Pic Source - storypick)
(Pic Source – storypick)

So, plan up a visit and though the world has no solutions for the singletons as DU has tree, where students worship on Valentine Day too but they have definitely a solution for the spirit lovers as ‘Neem Beer’.

So, in a way, you can quench your thirst in a ‘high spirits’.

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