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10 Most Beautiful & Unusual Flowers In The World

When you are thinking about beauty, what comes first in your mind? A girl, nature or something else! But what comes in my mind is ‘Flowers’.  Flowers, with their bright colors, different shapes, sweet aroma are a wonder of the nature.

Every flower have their own specialities some famous for their beauty, some for their design while some for their colors but do you know! There are many flowers which are even beyond your imagination. These flowers are the flowers which are not famous for their beauty, color these are famous because of their structures or designs. I know! Now u can’t resist yourself from knowing about these beautiful gifts of nature.

Come on! lets check these unusual flowers of this living planet:

Bee Orchid:

As known from its name ‘Bee Orchid’, this orchid looks like a bee and in first look no one can say this is flower but it is. This orchid is easily available in middle East of Europe and North of Africa and the most important thing about this bee flower is that they almost do self-pollinating in the northern ranges.

Bee Orchid:
(Pic Source – Youtube)

Bird of Paradise:

The  Birds-of-Paradise plant is a unique flower that resembles a brightly colored bird in flight, giving it the common name, Bird of Paradise. This flower easily found in South Africa.

Bird of Paradise
(Pic Source – pinterest)

Monkey Face Orchid:

As Described from its name this flower looks like a monkey face and everyone easily attracted towards it due to its perspective. Its totally different for other flowers and anybody can easily  shock easily after seeing it for first time.

Monkey Face Orchid
(Pic Source – Purple Clover)

Corpse Flower:

The Corpse Flower is renowned with stinky plant name. This flower, a native of rain forests in western Sumatara, Indonesia. This flower is very big in Size as compared to other flowers.

Corpse Flower
(Pic Source – pix11.com)

Naked Man Orchid:

There’s no question where the Orchid italica’s nickname, “naked man orchid,” came from, you can easily guess from its picture. This species blooms in the spring and summer in the Mediterranean.

Naked Man Orchid
(Pic Source – Pinterest)

Hooker’s Lips:

This flower is just like lips of a human being that’s why its name defined as Hooker’s lips. If you are a plant lover than you can’t resist yourself from kissing this flower literally.

Hooker’s Lips
(Pic Source – María Cebrián)

Dancing Girls:

if you See this flower, the first question comes in your mind is that “is this a Flower?”, due to its beauty, design and color. This is the most liked flower by girls in Mizoram.

Dancing Girls
(Pic Source – Buzger)

Parrot Flower:

You can easily guess the pic of this flower in your mind from its name “Parrot flower”! Yupps this flower just looks like a parrot and i m sure when you see this flower, first you think in your mind that this is a parrot not flower.

Parrot Flower
(Pic Source – blog.zingohub.com)

Snap Dragon:

This  flower have some extra ordinary powers because this flower easily grow in  both indoors and outdoors.The snapdragon flower gets its name from the shape of its flower. It resembles a dragon face that opens and closes its mouth if squeezed.

Snap Dragon
(Pic Source – Dave’s Garden)

Tiger face in Moon Orchid:

This flower found mostly in Indonesia resembles the face of a Tiger. It is also known as Weirdest Flowers on Earth – Tiger Face in the moon Orchid.

Tiger face in Moon Orchid
(Pic Source – Buzger)

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