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10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds in the World

Some dog breeds are more likely to cause adverse consequences and can be menacing to a victim when compared to other breeds and this is what we refer to as ‘dangerous’. Here we have listed the 10 most dangerous dog breeds based on the number of victims or casualty they have caused.

  1. Pitbulls

Those familiar with dog breeds are well aware of Pitbull, but seeing in the list of top 10 most dangerous dogs must no doubt be a surprise.  This dog is known to the most aggressive in nature amongst all.


2. Rottweilers

Being the second place on the list this breed is known to be a regional animal that is well capable to safeguard your home. Rottweilers are aggressive in nature and that it has to be trained by professional trainer.

(Pic Source:Aftonbladet)

3. Siberian Huskies

They look like a cutie but they are aggressive in nature. These dogs are considered to be highly energetic. Their improper training can turn them aggressive. Huskies are basically dogs of cold region and that’s why they have thick double  furred coats .

Siberian Huskies
(Pic Source:Dogtime)

4. German Shepherds

Known to be one of the most intelligent and manly breeds. At the same time they are also considered to be dangerous if not treated well.

German Shepherds
(Pic Source:Vetstreet)

5. Alaskan Malamutes

Intelligent like German Shepherds and energetic like huskies. They can turn out to be dangerous if their energy is not used positively. Official this breed is known as German Shepherd Dog. A shepherd’s dog in Germany.

Alaskan Malamutes
(Pic Source:Vetstreet)

6.Tibetan Mastiff

An ancient Tibetan breed is known to be a livestock guardian and shepherd.  Although he is a prized status symbol, Chinese cities have banned their residents from owning him.  This dog needs to be trained well and when trained , the dog is the best.

Tibetan Mastiff

7. Doberman Pinschers

Dogs are often known for their loyalty but this one is extremely loyal. Widely known for loyalty, sharp mind, and alertness. These dogs are found in the majority of places. It usually troubles those who can be a threat for its master.

Doberman Pinschers
(Pic Source:Pinterest)

8. Chow Chows

Chow chows are known to be Independent by nature. They can be easily aggressive when not given proper attention. This is also one of the oldest dog breeds and said to be evolved from wolves.

Chow Chows
(Pic Source:Mental Floss)

9. Great Danes

They usually take attention of all when in public. Being gigantic from the appearance itself one can easily imagine the threat they can be for an opponent. If one fails to give required attention they may start to disobey.

Great Danes

10. Boxer

They are comparatively hard to train than any other breeds. Although they are not aggressive by nature yet can be dangerous if their energy is not used in positively.

(Pic Source:Daily Backgrounds in HD)

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