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10 Most Famous Chor Bazaars of the World

Shopping is a stress buster not only for ladies, but also for men. Trying and buying out new things are like a necessity to release your tension and relax your mind.

Shopping is more fun when you can purchase things that you love to purchase within your budget range. Getting branded things within budget is like a dream come true. But to make this happen you need to know the exact shopping location of your place where you can get desired things within your cash limits. Chor bazaars or Thieves Markets are not only found in India, but is located across the world.

Listed are some of the hyperactive chor bazaars across the world for you to make your buying more interesting without hurting your pocket much.

  1. Chandni Chowk, India is one of the busiest chor bazaar located at the country’s capital. This market is the hub of all the things that you wish to buy. You will get clothes, hardware items, antique sellers are also available in those dingy lanes of the area.
Chandni Chowk
(Pic Source-MouthShut.com)
  1. Les Puces de Saint, Paris, France is placed at the outskirts of the city. It is one of the oldest thieves markets in the world. Basically, offbeat products are more available in this market. Shopping is fun when you visit to this place.
 Les Puces de Saint, Paris, France
(Pic Source-L’Amour de Paris)
  1. Pudhupettai, Chennai is famous for the automobile items that are sold here. Starting from spare auto parts to assembling products and customized cars, automobile lovers can get everything here. If sources are to be believed then the vendors of this market have connection with international market even.
Pudhupettai, Chennai
(Pic Source-www.fewdude.com)
  1. Khlong thom, Bangkok is basically a night market. Finding every type of thing is easy and fast in this market, but the specialty of this market is the supply of electronic goods that this market provides.
Khlong thom, Bangkok
(Pic Source-Wild Travel Guide)
  1. Chickpet market, Bangalore is located in the city which is other way called the IT hub. Artificial jewellery and silk clothes are what this place offers the most. You can easily bargain for clothes when it comes to purchasing.
Chickpet market
(Pic Source-MapmyIndia Maps)
  1. Feira da Ladra, Lisbon in Portuguese means ‘Thief Market’. This place is famous for its antiques from various phases of history. The birth of this market is long back in Middle Ages when this market was a place where stolen goods were sold.
 Feira da Ladra, Lisbon
(Pic Source-Câmara Municipal de Lisboa)
  1. Sotiganj, Meerut, India like Pudhupettai in Chennai is famous for its automobile parts. Bike and car lovers should take a ride to this market for some cheap automobile parts. Every type of automobile parts is available here starting from Indian automobile brands to international ones.
 Sotiganj, Meerut, India
(Pic Source-ScoopWhoop)
  1. Cave Creek’s Thieves Market, Arizona, US has something different and unique from all the other flea markets. This particular market is open from October to May every year. You will get simple everything to nothing in this market. Food court also is available in the surrounding to help you not die out of starving.
 Cave Creek’s Theives Market, Arizona
(Pic Source-SmuGG BuGG)
  1. Mutton Street, Mumbai is something sure to visit when you visit the city. The flea market is into existence for around 150 years and more. This place serves everything- vintage posters to clothes, luxury brand products to antique furniture.
Mutton Street, Mumbai
(Pic Source-https://tanmayigidhblog.wordpress.com)
  1. Lascar Row, Hong Kong is the place where culture meets crooker. Antique products are what this market sells. This is the biggest market of china where fake items are also sold.
Lascar Row, Hong Kong
(Pic Source-Hong Kong Secrets)

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