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10 punch lines used by every DU student.

1. Kya bhasad hai yrr:

This is the statement you’ll get to listen whenever someone is in a problem… whether it is a big one or small. Dilli ki boli on point!

2. Notes ka jugaad karo! :

After enjoying the whole year and not attending classes or most probably sleeping, every one need notes to study during exams. So jugaad baithana padta hai right?

3. Hudson chalte hain:

Hudson is a bliss for North campus students. Occupied with beautiful cafes to restaurants… everything is there for a foodie like me ;).  So Hudson to Banta hai!

4. Sasti photocopies Kahan hongi? :

Well… buying every book for every topic of the syllabus is not at all possible. So photocopying is the best solution here and cheap rates are required as the amount of pages are huge. So rates matter ofcourse.

5. Totta-

Used to compliment girls “Totta lag rahi hai!” During the fest season guys mostly visit girls’ colleges to look up potential girlfriends and this is one of the cheesy one liners used.

6.  Tom uncle chalte hain:

Tom uncle’s Maggie is the most famous Maggie point at North campus. Students literally ditch canteen food just to have that special Tom uncle’s maggie.

7. Ciggie phookne chal:

Whether it’s the north or the south campus, ciggie or sutta is the norm in most colleges. There are even specific spots in the campus where you catch up over a ciggie.

8. Kalesh kar diya!:

This is the word used by the duites when someone fights. Instead of jhagda, kalesh is the commonly used word here.

9. Baaiya _________  chaloge? :

This is the anglicized pronunciation of bhaiya used by almost every girl in du. Instead of auto walas, baiya sounds better for them.

10. Bhains ki aankh! :

This is the Statement used by students when they don’t want to swear in public. Like what the fuck is more good like this.


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