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10 Reasons Why One Should Visit Goa

Goa is a beach capital, party capital and the fun capital of India and the more reasons , I will give you in this article.. Why you should visit Goa as it is also a mix of so many cultures , food varieties and an open environment. Some people always look for reasons to go to Goa , to conveince there mind and families  and here I am giving you THE VALID REASONS:

  1. Backwaters Kayaking

Goa is surrounded by the backwaters and those groovy backwaters and mushy branches of tree dangling over you, when you are rowing your Kayak.. What an experience, Breathtaking..

(Pic Source Lonely Planet)
(Pic Source Lonely Planet)
  1. Enjoy Sunset Cruise at Bogmalo Beach

Facing the Arabian Sea, amidst the serene settings, Boglmalo Beach offers you a tranquil atmosphere and you enjoy the tranquility with the cruise fun.

A must go, if you are going to Goa ..

(Pic Source- Luxoindia)
(Pic Source- Luxoindia)
  1. Water Sports in Goa

When it comes to water sports, Goa is fun and it gives you opportunity to explore the adventurous side of yours too.. Don’t be scared as I am mostly scared but I end up in doing a slightest of adventure but you can have fun and enjoy at the fullest.. Be it paragliding, fast water rides or anything, Goa gives you enjoyable time..

(Pic Source – thriophillia)
(Pic Source – thriophillia)
  1. Beach Shacks

Switch off all your gadgets and spend time in the beach shacks. Visit any beach and I promise you that you will have an ample time to relax and transcend to the higher conscious plane.. You know what I mean..

(Pic Source – HappyTrips.com)
(Pic Source – HappyTrips.com)
  1. Scuba Diving In Goa

Underwater experience is always beyond words and when you entire the sea world and see those colourful creations from the nature , it is a spectacular view . The coral reefs , fishes and you can find NEMO too…

(Pic Source- Deyor Camps)
(Pic Source- Deyor Camps)
  1. Relax at Anjuna Beach

What a way to spend your holiday if you have time to relax on the beach. Visit Anjuna beach and give yourself a nice tan and that have a beach lunch..

(Pic Source – My Yatra Guru)
(Pic Source – My Yatra Guru)
  1. Visit Goa Churches

Goa gives us a glimpse of rich Christian culture too and it houses some of the ancient churches. Be it parties or anything but when you visit church in Goa, it gives you peace and sanctity..

(Pic Source - Goa Tourist Places)
(Pic Source – Goa Tourist Places)
  1. Candle Lit Dinner on the Beach

Make your trip, a love affair into a memorable affair, for this go to beach and have candle lit dinner with your better half and have those moments you will cherish for life..

(Pic Source - Thrillophilia)
(Pic Source – Thrillophilia)
  1. Learn how to make Feni

Feni – a local alcoholic beverage in Goa, watch this Feni making process. It had so many admirers and Goa people love their authentic liquor and for the real experience, visit Toddy shops.

(Pic Source - )
(Pic Source – Radio Goa)
  1. Get yourself Tattooed

The real spirit of Goa, is the Bohemian spirit and for that go for a Tattoo, it is the meeting point of various cultures and traditions..One more thing, Goa is the home for world’s best tattoo in the world.

(Pic Source - )
(Pic Source – Thegoan.net)

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