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10 Restricted Places Around the World Where No One Can Visit

Our world has to many wonderful places to explore, from which some are too dangerous, too restricted or maybe too special to visit. There are a number of places you will never be authorised to visit.

So here are those 10 restricted places around the world for you:

  • Snake Island

Snake Island is a very small island outside the beach of Brazil that comprises 4,000 of the world’s lethal vipers. Their poison DESTROYS human muscle. It’s considered extremely hazardous, the Brazilian government prohibited tourists.

Snake Island
(Pic Source : Publimetro)
  • Area 51

Area 51 is a protected US Air Force base camp far-away in the Nevada desert. Its operation remains mysterious to the general public. Many think the area contains acquired extraterrestrial engineering or highly sensitive airplanes. It’s confined and encompassed by explosives and securities.

Area 51
(Pic Source : Lemonsly)
  • The Queen’s bedroom

The Queens’s bedroom is protected within Buckingham palace and closely shielded. In the year 1982, however, a man called Michael Fagan intruded into the protected bedroom. It was judged as one of the greatest royal safety infringements.

The Queen’s bedroom
(Pic Source : Luxury London)
  • Club 33 at Disneyworld

A collection of private clubs of Disney parks, Club 33 holds a fourteen year long wait-list for new participation’s And if you did get into the list, the Club 33 needs a $40,000 admission price (£26,000). And, a $27,000 yearly price (£18,000).

Club 33 at Disneyworld
(Pic Source : Disneyland Club 33)
  • The vault of Coca Cola

The secret formula behind the Coca Cola recipe is one of the most tightly safeguarded secrets. To protect it, the company has an advanced store room that keeps the recipe. Only a small number of people really have knowledge of the recipe.

The vault of Coca Cola
(Pic Source : Splatter)
  • Fort Knox, Kentucky

Fort Knox is a reservoir that keeps and maintains the US official gold bullion reserves, along with other county goods. A defence border protects it, comprising 30,000 soldiers and a range of attacking helicopters. The gold storeroom is safeguarded by 22-ton blast-proof gates and all visitors are prohibited.

Fort Knox, Kentucky
(Pic Source : The Huffington Post)
  • Svalbard Seed Vault

It was made to collect seeds that would be accessed in the situation of a heavy environmental calamity. Very few are even permitted access to the locked vault. Even nations that provide seeds aren’t permitted to come in.

Svalbard Seed Vault
(Pic Source : Farms.com)
  • Room 39, North Korea

It has been doubted that this mysterious location is behind North Korea’s illegitimate adulteration. It is drug smuggling. And also gun and weapon auctions. Not much is recognised about what takes place inside its boundaries.

Room 39, North Korea
(Pic Source : OrangeSmile Tours)
  • The Lascaux Caves, France

Secured in 17,300 year old drawings created by primitive and early humans, they portray animals and geometrical shapes. The caves have been prohibited from the society since 1963. They have been warned by a sequence of strange fungal attacks.

The Lascaux Caves, France
(Pic Source : Memes)
  • North Sentinel Island

They accommodate a small society of 50 to 400 inhabitants. They are totally isolated. The Indian Government acknowledged it to be banned. Entrance is made even more difficult by locals and reports show that they try to kill visitors. They have been recognised to fire spears and throw stones.

North Sentinel Island
(Pic Source : Medium)

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