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10 Ways to Get Over Hangover Instantly

What more can you ask after a weekend party you get a full weekend to celebrate it enthusiastically and splendidly with overflowing of alcohol everywhere.. With the party flown in full swing, the young crowd may have consumed good food and expensive drinks simultaneously.

Now, when the consumption is more than what you can intake, it causes great problem for you and your body. Dizziness, bad breath, pounding of head, body pain, vomiting, laziness, queasiness in the morning are some body irregularities very common that happens once you had exceeded your limitations. The after effects of consuming alcohol is called hangover. This is the time when you need to know the various ways that will help you to get over your hangover easily and without harming your body at all.

Let’s just get into the details of how can you cure hangover with some simple steps easily.

  • You have to take help of the home remedies that are easily available to you. Add lemon juice in warm water along with honey and stir it well. Drink the whole water. Follow the steps 2-3 times a day to get out of your hangover. This is more effective if started from the morning itself.
lemon juice in warm water along with honey
  • If you are unable to find lemon and honey, then just go for plain water. Drinking plenty of plain water will also flush out the remaining alcohol in your stomach making you feel better.
plain water
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  • Other option is in taking tomato juice during the time period of hangover. Tomato juice will help you to break the hangover as it contains a type of sugar known as fructose that makes your enhances your stomach metabolism.
tomato juice
  • For breakfast try taking toast and egg. Taking toast and egg will help you to get out of your hangover as toast contain carbohydrates which is considered as a good source of recovery nutrients and egg is the provider of cysteine that helps in flushing out the alcohol and decreasing the toxicity as well.
toast and egg
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  • Food plays a very important role when you are up for a drink. The food taken before the drink will help you to be bit less intoxicated. Greasy food helps to avoid hangover to that extent if taken before drink.
Fast Food
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  • The easiest method to get rid of this hangover is drinking soft drinks like sprite, limca, mountain dew etc. these soft drinks increases metabolism, helping the alcohol to get flushed away easily and fast.
  • Green tea is also a great way to cure hangover. Green tea or ginger tea helps in decreasing headaches and stomachaches during hangovers. Green tea is a great way to detoxify yourself after you have consumed lot of alcohol.
Green tea
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  • You can opt for coffee as well. Coffee contains caffeine that helps in increasing your energy and fighting with the hangover body sickness that happens.
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  • You can add coconut water or sports drink in your list to get rid of the hangover. These drinks are high in electrolytes that help in providing you energy and at the same time dehydrating your body for betterment.
coconut water
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  • Last and the least, if nothing of the tricks mentioned above works, just take a painkiller that your body is used to, to fight with the after effects easily and without much consumption of time.
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