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11 Facts about Hugh Jackman aka Wolverine

He is known to be one of the nicest actors on planet as he never prefers to talk about his past, no grudges for anyone. This Wolverine actor has defies the odds many times, now let’s have a quick sneak peak through his life and get some juicy stories about him:

  • Hugh Jackman earned a Mass Communication Degree from the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia as he wanted to become a journalist initially and then acting bug struck him and he enrolled into Western Australian Academy of Arts.
(Pic Source - Pinterest)
(Pic Source – Pinterest)
  • When he was kid, Hugh performed on the magic show for his four siblings and we are sure that it helped him to play a role in 2006’s “The Prestige.”
(Pic Source - BeautyFY)
(Pic Source – BeautyFY)
  • He worked at a gas station attendant and also as a clown before he became world most sort out Hollywood star. He had a tough start but now Hollywood had seen a star.
(Pic Source - Daily Mail)
(Pic Source – Daily Mail)
  • Hugh Jackman had sober childhood, his parents separated and his mother abandoned them all and left to her native place England. He lived with his father in Australia and while describing his childhood struggles he almost broke down in 60 Minutes, a TV show shown on CBS channel.
(Pic Source - Dailymail.co.uk)
(Pic Source – Dailymail.co.uk)
  • As a child, Hugh was an angry kid and often fights with classmates and friends then he channelized his energy towards a single passion i.e. Rugby. When he played it helped him to reduce his angry and he became more focused.
(Pic Source - dailymail.co.uk)
(Pic Source – dailymail.co.uk)
  • One more thing had a profound effect on his childhood was Greece actress – Olivia Newton John. He kept her poster on the wall of his room and practice kissing on it and literally he did  … Tooo Loving
(Pic Source - People)
(Pic Source – People)
  • As child, initially he wanted to become a Chef on plane as he thinks that there is a person who cooks on plane and later he discovered that there is no Chef, in fact he was pretty depressed at this.
(Pic Source - Pinterest)
(Pic Source – Pinterest)
  • Hugh met his future wife, Deborah – Lee Furness at the sets of TV gig, Australian TV Show,” Corelli” in 1995.
(Pic Source - Hugh Jackman Instagram)
(Pic Source – Hugh Jackman Instagram)
  • Furness- wife of Hugh Jackman suffered from two miscarriages and then the couple decided to adopt a kid. Now, they have two children Oscar, 13 and Eva, 8.
(Pic Source - news.com.au)
(Pic Source – news.com.au)
  • Jackman is an awesome singer and loves to sing. He sang at the wedding of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban in 2006.
(Pic Source - Focus on Travel News)
(Pic Source – Focus on Travel News)
  • Hugh Jackman is damn hawt and women stalk him often like one stalker, Katherine Thurston stood at his gym and asked , “ We are getting married right.” Before things could get out of control he called the cops.
(Pic Source - The Ellen DeGeneres Show)
(Pic Source – The Ellen DeGeneres Show)

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