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11 Most Charming Towns in America

Recently the, poll was conducted to showcase the most charming towns of America. While we are in love with the leading cities like New York, San Francisco or Chicago but you know the small towns in America are too alluring and that is reason why the poll is conducted, to find out the best town.

These all towns are travel destinations and the population is under 13,000 so it makes it less populated and congested.
So, we start down with the list and the first one is:

1. Ligonier, PA:

It is a picturesque town, located in the Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. The population of this place is around 1600 and is home to the oldest amusement park in the country, which is Idlewild park and one of the best features of this place is the is the Seven Springs Resort. One of the magnificent attraction is the parade and craft market of this place, which takes place every fall, for three days.

Ligonier, PA
(Pic Source : ountry living)

2. Leavenworth LA:

I am not sure if anything can never been this charming as the town of Leavenworth. This town is based and designed on the Bavarian village theme and this transformation is for the sake of increase of tourism also.

Leavenworth LA
(Pic Source : Time To Unwine-D)

3. Stowe, VT:

It is a  fertile valley and a pleasant place and the main feature is the largest mountain of Vermont. The majestic peak of Vermont and  it is extremely popular destination among the skiers and the lovers of Old England culture and quaintness. The perfect place to be for the people who like adventure ports and old culture.

Stowe, VT
(Pic Source : country living)

4. Maysville, Kentucky:

Maysville is a thriving little town on the picturesque views of the Ohio river City, it is filled with history. One of the prominent event in the history of Maysville, is the birth of the singer Rosemary Clooney who was born in the scenic town of Maysville. Apart from the historical places, Maysville, also offers an exquisite places to dine like Chandler’s, Pasquale’s, Caproni on the rivers and Parc Cafe.

These are places which offers heartfull fresh meals, so go and enjoy.

Maysville, Kentucky
(Pic Source : Pinterest)

5. Beaufort SC:

This town is not only charming but also has the clock full of the historical places here. It is also the second oldest city in South Carolina and it is also a beautiful historical district. This is not all as you have plenty of dining options, plenty of outdoor activities, this Little Country oozes with charm, awaiting for you.Apart from this don’t miss to go to Plum’s Restaurant, Sgt White’s restaurant and Boundary Street Cafe. The freshness and the aroma of flavours is indescribable.

Beaufort SC
(Pic Source : SC Plantation)

6. Carmel By The Sea, CA:

This place should be better known as a fairytale town as it has the tiny cottages, which we seen in the Grimms Brothers Fairy Tale books and one more important thing this place is the beautiful scenery and the charming views of the cottages. Sometimes the community of Carmel acts but in a quirky manner as they have ban over heels. You are right, you need a permit for wearing heels in Carmel By The Sea and also won’t find any fast food chains in this place as it has charming eating rooms and the tasting rooms which offers scrumptious cuisine. So, hunt for the village cuisine but not in heels.

Carmel By The Sea,CA
(Pic Source : hotel r)

7. Rhinebeck, NY:

It is located in the picturesque Hudson Valley town and it the historical background to, the beautiful views of the Catskill mountain,the Hudson river  in the backdrop makes it more charming. It is a four corner town and also takes pride in the Dutch history, scenic beauty and the art and culture backdrop as well. You can walk for hours on the roads which is lined beautifully by the trees, this place is also Mecca for the art and culture lovers in particular. For foodie, Rhinebeck is famous for the beautiful cafe and some of the famous cafe are Bread Alone. Taste Budd’s Cafe, Matchbox Cafe and Terrapin.

(Pic Source : new york magazine)

8. Mystic CT:

This place has one of the largest maritime museum and also it has the some of the stunning ocean views. This place is the destination for all seasons and it has exibition of the New England Beluga whale and this is in the maritime museum. The unique jellyfish exhibition is also there and the oceanic views of this place is enthralling.

Mystic CT
(Pic Source : William pitt sotheby)

9. Abingdon, VA:

This place is surrounded by the plenty of rivers, lakes and trails and this town also has the numerous galleries, eating places and scenic beauty. It has some of the centre scene for the art galleries and the museums, which are situated on the main street. This place is also a heaven for the shopping buffs.

Abingdon, VA
(Pic Source : abingdon Virginia)

10. Jackson WY:

This is a convenient leisure town, which is located at the Yellowstone National Park, this is perfect place for the mountain living. This place is also referred as the Jackson Hole, this is for the valley in which it is located. Throughout the town, the elk antler arches are the centre of attraction for all the tourists and it is also popular tourist attraction.

Jackson WY
(Pic Source : jackson hotel and reservation)

11. Breckenridge, CO:

This place is also a picturesque town, which is surrounded by the beautiful mountain ranges. The snow clad peaks stand tall by this and this place is also heaven for the outdoor sports lovers, be it hiking, fly fishing, skiing or adventurous whitewater rafting. These are the few activities apart from that this place is famous for it’s eating places, which offers fresh and delicious food.

(Pic Source : neszwagoesabroad)

By this we have given you few options of the beautiful and picturesque town which you can visit in America and all the places have the scenic as well as outdoor activities. One can visit these charming towns of America and send us a review.
We will be waiting 🙂

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