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11 Must Try Dishes In Holi

Holi food tradition is ages ago,as the colours and food both are essential condiments of this festival.Some of the traditional and ethnic foods are sweet spiced milk, mawa filled dumplings called gujiya,dahi bhalle, tikki, bhaang ke pakore and many more.

We have selected some of the traditional food of India, which is savoured during Holi,here there are:

  • Ram Ladoo: A must have chana dal ladoo along with the grated radish and green chutney.

What a way to start your Holi…

(Pic Source ; archana kitchen)
(Pic Source – archana kitchen)
  • Aloo Tikki ki Chaat: It is the most traditional and lip smacking Indian snack…
(Pic Source - ek plate)
(Pic Source – ek plate)
  • Rabri Faluda: What a way to celebrate Holi with rabri faluda…
(Pic Source - sailu food)
(Pic Source – sailu food)
  • Gujiya mava filled dumplings, which gives complete feeling of happiness and triumph, during the Holi festival. One or two prior these preparations are started and the freshly made mava is put into the dumplings form and deep fried…
(Pic Source - NDTV)
(Pic Source – NDTV)
  • Malpua, again a sweet delicacy of the Holi festival which is made up of flour and other ingredients…
(Pic Source - sailu food)
(Pic Source – sailu food)
  • Rasbhari, Kheerkadam and Sandesh

In Bengal, people celebrate Holi with sweets like Rasbhari, Kheer Kadam and Sandesh…

(Pic Source - pintrest)
(Pic Source – pintrest)
  • Bhaang Ke Pakore: No words for it…
(Pic Source : India TV)
(Pic Source – India TV)
  • Bhaang Ki Thandai: Kesar, milk and in the end Bhaang ka paste…
(Pic Source - Festivals of India)
(Pic Source – Festivals of India)
  • Gol Gappe: No festival is complete without Gol Gappe, which is goodness of taste…
(Pic Source - lajawaab khana)
(Pic Source – lajawaab khana)
  • Dahi Bhalle: Dumplings made up of white lentils and grated ginger and chillies and the curd is made up of sweet only.

Then it is topped with tamarind and green chutney and bhujiya…

(Pic Source - veg recipes of india)
(Pic Source – veg recipes of india)
  • Chole Chaat: Boiled chickpeas, diced onions and tomato, allspice and generous sprinkle of lemon juice…
(Pic Source - YouTube)
(Pic Source – YouTube)

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