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11 Unbelievable Facts You Must Know About Daryaganj Book Market

This market is like a crown of jewel of book lovers. People love book, even if they don’t then also they need to study for the various subjects. There is one place in Delhi, where you can buy books at the rate of peanuts, I am not degrading peanuts, but it is a saying.

(Pic Source : Around the World in 80 Books)
(Pic Source : Around the World in 80 Books)

I have been to this place, couple of time and this place is just awesome. But there are some facts that you might not know:

  • Daryaganj Market opens only on Sunday, as the name suggests.
  • Be on time, if you want to pick the best lot and the preferable time is 9:30 a.m.
(Pic Source - timesofindia)
(Pic Source – timesofindia)
  • Old Delhi is infamous for its massive traffic jams so don’t think if you are going on Sunday, means no traffic, in fact sometimes it is more.
  • Do carry your water bottle as water availability is pretty less.
  • If don’t like to walk then don’t go as the Book Market is almost 1 Kilometer long.
  • The book market contains thousands of books, journals and many magazines.
(Pic Source : india.com)
(Pic Source : india.com)
  • Do carry a bag as the availability is less.
  • The closet metro stations are Chandni Chowk, the market is at the distance of 15 minutes and from Chawri, it is 20 minutes.
(Pic Source : inquest.com)
  • Just see through all the pages of books, sometimes they are torn.
  • They have medical journals and engineering journals, all sorts of books, just see through it.
  • If you are lucky you will find few people selling old coins too.
(Pic Source : pixilated memories)
(Pic Source : pixilated memories)
  • It is the iconic cultural spot of Delhi and represents its heritage.

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