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12 Surprising Uses of Salt

If something we can’t live without in our life is, that is salt. Salt is an intense part of our life and without salt it is not at all possible for us to survive. Salt adds drama to our lives and taste to our food. Without salt, anything and every cooked vegetable, non vegetable items are tasteless.

We only know this advantage of salt, but salt is much more than this. It is an unavoidable part of life as it not only adds taste to cooked items, but is used to various other types of things as well. The other usage of salt in day to day life is lesser known to people. Knowing so many usages will amaze you. So let’s start off.

  • We use garlic and onion in our food quite often. The knife or the hands that helps in cutting these two vegetables faces the odour of them which doesn’t go away so easily. To get rid of that smell, all you can do is wet your hands and then rub your hands with some salt and wash it off. The odour is sure to go away.
garlic and onion
(Pic Source : VegKitchen)
  • If you want to get a homely treatment for your pimples then use the salt water as a spot treatment on the pimple. Coming in contact with the salt, the pimples are sure to contract. This will decrease the tendency of pimple in near future.
(Pic Source : No Skin Problems)
  • You may not know that salt is the best remedy for all the odours that come your way. In case your shoes smell bad, you can get out of this problem by just sprinkling some salt in the shoe and wait for some hours. Even you can put a cloth bag full of salt in the shoe for the smell to disappear.
shoes smell
(Pic Source : Natural Remedy Ideas)
  • Now this will surely surprise you. If you are running short of paint then you can prepare paint at home with salt. Mix one cup of flour and one cup of salt and water. Now you need to add few drops of food colour into the mixture. This is the home made paint is ready to be used.
(Pic Source : CraftyChild.com)
  • You are a fruit lover and after keeping your cut down fruit for some time, it starts to discolor. To avoid this, all you can do is sprinkle some salt on the fruit pieces to keep it fresh and juicy. Enjoy your fruits as it is.
(Pic Source : Food Safety News)
  • Want to make your living place a fresh place by adding some great fragrance in the area like never before. So, you can do a great thing and that is take half cup of table salt and add some rose petals in it or you can put 30-40 drops of essential oil in the salt and keep it for a great aroma to encircle your place for a better ambience.
(Pic Source : Maple Holistics)
  • Keeping your sink clean is very easy when you have salt and lemon at your home. Make a paste of lemon and salt and wipe the entire sink with it. Keep it for some time and then wash it with water. Your sink will shine like a new one.
sink clean
(Pic Source : Bob Vila)
  • Have you heard before that salt can work like a fire extinguisher at some point of cooking greasy meals? If you want to get some greasy fire, all you need to add is salt into it.
fire extinguisher
(Pic Source : Food Hacks Daily – WonderHowTo)
  • Salt is helpful in cleaning the stained cups even. You need to mix salt with a dab of dish soap and make a soft scrub for stains of tea and coffee. Clean your cups with it and the stains are there to go.
stained cups
(Pic Source : Root Simple)
  • Brass and copper items at your home can be easily cleaned with the help of a mixture made up of salt, flour and vinegar. You have to rub the paste on the metal items and keep it for 1 hour. Now you need to clean the item with soft cotton cloth for the shine in the metal items.
Brass and copper
(Pic Source : Jewelry Making Journal)
  • If your clothes get perspiration stains during summers, then you need the help of salt in it. Add salt in hot water and make a paste of it. Use sponge to directly hit the areas where the stains are. Now keep it for some time and rinse well.
clothes get perspiration stains
(Pic Source : Cleanipedia)
  • Get rid of ants with salt. An easy and effective way to get rid of ants at your home. Spinkle some salt in the area where the ants are more. Encircle the place with salt and ants will not hit that place till the salt exists.
(Pic Source : Pest World for Kids)

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