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13 Things Women must have in her Handbag

Today, the women always love to wear accessories but sometimes the purse is not just about the accessories part only but it for the necessities part also. Sometimes the purse contains the must haves. But do you know what are the most haves for your purse and if not lemme give you the list..Mind you, Women’s bag is like her best friend..

  1. Hand Sanitizer

It is must have and every women should keep the bottle of any hand sanitizer. Commuting and not always finding the right place to wash hands or even the hand soap is not there. So, keeping hand sanitizer helps one a lot.#Must have..

(Pic Source – Youtube)
(Pic Source – Youtube)
  1. Safety Pins/Sewing Kit

In the middle of office, what if my top lost a button, it would be embarrassing and a reason to get another top .. To avoid that situation, have a pack of safety pins or a sewing kit in your purse. Sewing kit and safety pin is the perfect rescue ..#Must Have

(Pic Source - Google)
(Pic Source – Google)
  1. Hair Items

I always keep in my bag a cutest pair of clutchers and hair bands.. Maybe during the day your clutchers get broken or hair band is lost, then apart from asking from your peers or friends, have in your kitty.#Must Have

(Pic Source- dress and makeup)
(Pic Source- dress and makeup)
  1. Aspirin

Sometimes your travel can cause you a bad headache and you might be thinking to get it from the nearby medical store.. But sometimes, the medical store is not in the proximity and you cannot find the apt medicine. To avoid that nasty situation, always keep an aspirin in your purse. #Must have

(Pic Source – allwomen’stalk)
(Pic Source – allwomen’stalk)
  1. Notebook and Pen

In the emergency time, when your phone battery is dead and that time your notebook and pen becomes very handy..#Must have

(Pic Source - Fanpop)
(Pic Source – Fanpop)
  1. Cash

The must have and your biggest trouble shooter , it is good to keep the debit cards, credit cards and other cards but cash has no comparison…maybe you are having a bad day and your wallet is stolen and debit card is demagnetized , your cash is your life saver..#Must have

(Pic Source - Ms. Career Girl)
(Pic Source – Ms. Career Girl)
  1. Compact

For quickie touch up , compact is a must have as you never know who’s looking at you ..#Must have

(Pic Source - DH Gate)
(Pic Source – DH Gate)
  1. Tampon or Pad

Even if you know your dates of menstruation but it is #must have to keep one tampon or pad in your bag as I would never imagine to ask from another..#Must Have

(Pic Source – The brunette’s diary)
(Pic Source – The brunette’s diary)
  1. Breather’s mint or Chewing Gums

For that bad breath after onion or garlic luncheon you had with your friends,    family or colleagues but that foul smell can only be eradicated by the chewing gums or mint gum which you will have..#Must Have

(Pic Source - The Chocboard Mag)
(Pic Source – The Chocboard Mag)
  1. Snack

Try and keep a healthy snack, garonla bar or some cookies in your bag .It is for the hunger pang you will have while traveling and also avoids me to attacking KFCs or McDs for the hunger satiation. #Must Have

(Pic Source - ganola bars)
(Pic Source – ganola bars)
  1. Lipstick , Lip Gloss or Lip Balm

Any of these three are #Must have in your handbag as anytime in the day, your chapped lips can be a challenge for you.. To avoid that situation, keep a lipgloss, lipstick or lip balm in your handbag.

(Pic Source : Fashionable People)
(Pic Source : Fashionable People)
  1. Pepper Spray

The security is in your hands and if you have a pepper spray then you know you have the weapon to fight the unhealthy situation..  #must have

(Pic Source : )
(Pic Source : SABRE Pepper spray)
  1. Hair brush

If you have a hair clips then you got to have a hair brush too .

A must have in your handbag. Brushing your hairs will give a new look to you..#must have

(Pic Source : Pinterest)
(Pic Source : Pinterest)

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