November, 2016 | LikeWike

7 Motivational Quotes for Monday Blues

When Monday comes after Sunday nobody wants to go to office. What we feel – drained, exhausted and suddenly on Monday morning we start to find meaning of life. The clarity of our life and that’s mind game to distract our mind but this is not the correct way.

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Sinus Leads to Depression

In a recent study, it has been revealed that the chronic sinus can be the root cause of Depression. When we have stuffy nose for months, we often feel little low and own and in the surprising study it leads to depression.

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7 Must Visit Flea Market where you will find awesome stuff

We all adore shopping and when it comes to spending, we love to bargain and buy most out of the less bucks. This type of shopping is soulfully fulfilled by invention of flea markets in the whole world. Today, I am giving you a list of flea markets in India ,where you can find and buy awesome stuff. Experience the joy of shopping therapy and shop till you drop.

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Haunted Places in Delhi

5 Most Haunted Places in Delhi

Mirza Galib once  said “I asked my soul what is Delhi. She said,” The world is the body and Delhi is my soul.Every place has a past and a past which was haunted and still is. They called it City of Djinns and Aatama.
Strangely Delhi is at epitome of paranormal activities and certain places in the city have the higher vibrations of these activities. Even if you have proclivity for these kinds of places then here’s the list but don’t adventure out alone.

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