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Historical Facts which Happened on 21st January

  • 1954 – The first nuclear powered sub-marine was launched in Groton, it’s a town which was located on the Thames River in New London.

  • 1945 – Rash Behari Bose who was revolutionary Indian leader and fought during Indian Independence movement, died on this day.

  • 1924 – Benny Hill was born and he was an English comedian actor.

  • 1912 – Konrad Emil Bloch was born and he was a German-American biochemist who discovered the regulation of the Cholesterol and Fatty acids.

  • 1911 – The first Monte Carlo Rally takes place along the French Riviera in the principality of Monaco and southeast France.

  • 1813 – Pineapple as a Fruit introduced to Hawaii.

  • 1789 – The 1st American novel “power of Sympathy” was published by William Hill Brown.

  • 1749 – The Verona Philharmonic Theatre which was in Italy was destroyed by fire.

  • 1793 – Louis XVI, the king of France who was executed by the guillotine, it’s the machine with a heavy blade.

  • 1542 – The England parliament passes the bill of attainder against the Catherine Howard, who was the queen of England.

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President to Approve Jallikattu , PM Modi Tweeted in Support

Indian PM Narendra Modi said that all the efforts are being made for the restorations of the cultural festival of Tamil Nadu – Jallikattu. He said he is working his best, a day after an ordinance or executive order was passed by the State. This ordinance will allow the bull taming event in Tamil Nadu which takes place around Pongal.

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Vanilla Pound Cake

Now, we are giving you a super easy recipe of vanilla pound cake which is not only simple but also delicious. A very simple cake in three steps and you have a yummy cake on your table..It is a super easy baking recipe and takes less time for it and moreover you have extra hint of vanilla flavour in it.

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Top 5 Star Hotels in the World

Top 10 5-Star Hotels in the World

  1. Armani Hotel Dubai is located at the world’s tallest tower Burj Khalifa, Dubai. The hotel is named Armani after Armani designed the place with its elegance and royalty. Deluxe rooms of the hotel are available for AED 1600-1800 per night. The hotel is something called a combination of comfort and sophistication.

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Benefits of Milk

  1. Strengthen teeth and bones

As we all know, milk is a great source of calcium which is essential for bones and teeth. The major benefit of the milk is that it reduces the risk of osteoporosis and the presence of Vitamin D in it,  helps in eradication of knee pains which is menace in old age. If you are deficient of Vitamin D, then you need to drink milk daily.

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