January, 2017 | LikeWike

Bollywood Gossips

1.Manveer Gurjar: Bigg Boss 10 winner
Manveer Gurjar won reality TV show Bigg Boss 10 on Sunday(29 Jan,2017) in a close fight with celebrity contestant Bani.
He entered as a common man Bigg Boss and currently he is the most talked about person and that makes him no less than a celebrity.

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Easy Homemade Crafts by Scrap Material

  1. Lost sock board is one of the very useful thing that is needed at the laundry room. A board and few cloth clips is all you need for this craft. Just stick the clips on the board and hang the board somewhere near laundry room.

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Falling In Love: The Best Feeling in the World

  1. Boost Your Self Esteem: If you want to fall in love with the right person, be confident and there one saying, “Fake it till when you don’t have it.” You know, it is only mind game of confidence, your mind is powerful and when you think you are confident, even if you are not, soon you will be. It will help you to find a right match for you. But in the meanwhile don’t compare yourself with others, remember you have your own personality and attributes, what you need is bit of brushing.

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Top 10 world fastest trains

Top 10 World Fastest Trains

  1. Shanghai Maglev runs from Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport to the Longyang Metro Station covering 19 miles distance. The speed of the train is 267 mph and is said to be the fastest train of the world.

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10 most famous chor bazaar of the world

10 Most Famous Chor Bazaars of the World

  1. Chandni Chowk, India is one of the busiest chor bazaar located at the country’s capital. This market is the hub of all the things that you wish to buy. You will get clothes, hardware items, antique sellers are also available in those dingy lanes of the area.

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