January, 2017 | LikeWike

Easy Tips to Improve Your Eye-Sight

In Today’s life, vision problem is becoming the common disease especially with the teenagers, because Mobile phones have transformed into a basic human obligation for them. As we all are spending hours in reading, texting and playing games on our mobile phones. In this process our eyes get strained, due to this we suffer with the weak eye-sight problem and sometimes, it leads to partial blindness. And the common symptoms of weak eye-sight are: blurry vision, frequent headaches and watery eyes.

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Bollywood Gossips

1.Manveer Gurjar: Bigg Boss 10 winner
Manveer Gurjar won reality TV show Bigg Boss 10 on Sunday(29 Jan,2017) in a close fight with celebrity contestant Bani.
He entered as a common man Bigg Boss and currently he is the most talked about person and that makes him no less than a celebrity.

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Falling In Love: The Best Feeling in the World

Falling in love is the greatest feeling on earth. Who is more blessed than having a loved one beside with him or her?
When we are heartbroken, we fail to see the power of LOVE and also we overlook the fact that love is not only fake but it is also an emotion, a feeling and reason to be happy.
I have found out few ways, with which you can fall in love with the right person. Here they are:

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Top 10 world fastest trains

Top 10 World Fastest Trains

Recently, when Shah Rukh Khan traveled in a train from Bombay to Delhi to promote his upcoming film, the train ride became the talk of the town. Trains are one of the best way to reach a destination. Train journeys are always a memorable one with your near and dear ones.

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