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How to Look Stylish on Mehndi Ceremony

As the wedding season has already started, choosing out dresses for each occasion to look best is a tough choice. That too on the day of mehndi choosing the right dress to wear is important. On this day bride along friends and family, gets mehndi applied on her hands and legs. Wearing a comfort yet elegant dress on that day is important.

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10 Characteristic of Mentally Strong Women

Women itself is what strength depicts. Her entire life is full of challenges and with every new challenge she becomes strong. Since her birth, she fights for everything that comes her way. Living in the patriarchal society with so much of male domination is in itself the biggest challenge a woman face. But still she swims across all that with strength and pride.

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10 Hacks that Will Last Your Food Longer

Every year, there is an incredible amount of food wastage by the people. However, people don’t know how to keep the food fresh for longer also they simply do not care about wastage of food. Once you know about how to keep food stay fresh for longer, then you can save extra money in your pocket. Here are some of the hacks to keep your food fresh for longer.

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10 Foods that Burn Fat Instantly Without Gym

Foods contribute to our health and weight, the weight increase is due to heavy and rich foods, it is also due to the packed foods, which has high sodium content. In the fast moving world, people prefer to grab a burger from the corner, didn’t even realising that these all foodstuffs are hazardous for health. We have discovered a list of foods, if you incorporate in your daily routine, will not only keep you healthy but also burn fat without going to gym. Yes, you got it right, without gym…

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Latest News : 27th February

Priyanka Stunned Everyone on Oscar’s Red Carpet

She dazzled people in the Oscar’s Awards by her beauty and once more all eyes were on Priyanka and her impeccable style.

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