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5 Top Rated Places in New York

New York is one of the greatest cities of the world and this place is often considered as the most happening place in the world. The vacation possibilities in this place are endless and you might not even think about this as you have a busy schedule. You know some people come to enjoy the shows of Broadways, some of sight seeings and some for shopping.

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Never Do These 5 Things On Honeymoon

Honeymoon is the time when couples spend the best days of their lives. Trend is that couples plan the entire honeymoon from very before so that they don’t have to face any problem after they land to their favourite destination once. Everyone from friends to relatives, siblings to other experienced couples suggests them some or the other tip to make their honeymoon even more romantic and memorable.

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Plants That Help You Sleep At Night

Lack of sleep is a public health problem. People who have trouble sleeping from time to time will be happy to know that there are several plants that cannot only detoxify the air in your bedroom but can actually help you sleep. Their benefits include better air quality, better mood, stress relief, headache relief, prevention of colds, improved brain function, reduction in anxiety and prevention of other illnesses.

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Latest News : 28th April

Vinod Khanna Loses his Battle to Cancer

Tall, handsome actor Vinod Khanna, 70, who played the role of Amar in famous movie “Amar, Akbar, Antony”, is no more. He died because of an advanced bladder cancer at Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital on Thursday.

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