January, 2018 | LikeWike

Best Show To Binge Watch (Part-3)


What it is: BoJack Horseman was once the hottest horse in town, star of a hit sitcom and riding high in Tinseltown. Fast-forward 20 years, though, and he’s a depressive has-been — and our titular protagonist of this hit Netflix comedy.

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Best Instagram Accounts To Follow (Part-4)

1. Doug the Pug

It’s time for a brief paws on the humans who are crushing it on Instagram to give a shout-out to a four-legged superstar: Doug the Pug. Doug is one of the rare breeds born for the celebrity lifestyle. He’s everything you’d want in a celebrity pug: entertaining, relatable, funny, and just a treat to watch. His iconic videos revolve around reenacting movies and TV shows. So, it’s no wonder his nickname is King of Pop Culture. If you’re building an Instagram account to help make your pet a celebrity, Doug the Pug is a great source of inspiration. But it’s not just about taking pictures or recording videos of your pet. It’s about treating your pet like a brand and giving him or her a consistent personality that is clearly shown with every piece of content you create.

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How To Move Multiple Apps At Once On iPhone

iOS’s famous jiggle mode, invoked by holding an app until the icons on the Home screen start shaking and wriggling like they’re doing a dance, lets you drag an app to a new position, move an app between pages, quickly create a folder by dragging an app onto another app and more.

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15 Awesome YouTube Channels To Follow

YouTube has replaced the satellite TV as the preferred source of entertainment for the footloose 4G generation spend much of their time in front of laptops and tablets instead of TVs. This have also brought forward personalities to the limelight which may not have appeared on TV screen but millions of people around the world recognise and follow them owing to the popularity of their YouTube channels.

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