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Stitched Geometric Artwork


  • Template (download below)
  • Washi tape or paperclips
  • Cardboard
  • Push pin or awl
  • Watercolor paper
  • Paint brush
  • Embroidery floss
  • Embroidery needle
  • Thread conditioner (optional)
  • Scissors


Step 1

Print out the template, draw your own design, or trace an existing pattern on printer paper. Layer the design over watercolor paper and tape or paper clip together to secure. Place the template and paper over several layers of cardboard and punch holes using a push pin or awl into each point in the pattern where the lines intersect.

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  • Leaves
  • Air dry clay
  • Roller
  • Craft knife
  • Gloss varnish
  • Paint brush


1. Break off a small lump of air dry clay and roll out flat and thin. The thinner you can roll your clay the more delicate and lifelike the leaves will look. Be careful not to roll it too thin, though, or your imprint will go right through the clay.

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Take the Next Step to Success

All of us want to take chances in life, but we hold ourselves back because of the fear of losing or failure. But should you really give up or motivate yourself to take that next step to success? Life can be harsh and painful at times, but with passion and determination, you will definitely achieve success, says Robert Arbuckle.

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Compliments for a Girl that Work Better Than You Think!

We get it, girls may seem like complicated creatures. But if you’re looking for the best compliments for a girl, it doesn’t get any simpler than this. Anybody can tell a girl she is pretty or beautiful, but if you really want to impress a girl, you need to break out the best compliments for a girl. They’ll make you stand out because these days it’s easy to get lost in the crowd.

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Hot Oil Manicure

What Is The Hot Oil Manicure?

Hot oil manicure is one of the most expensive and luxurious treatments of all times. There is no better way to pamper your nails and hands other than this. It imparts nourishment to both your nails and cuticles and is best suited for those ladies who have damaged cuticles. Not just that, hot oil manicures are one of the most difficult treatments, and are only found at expensive spas. But you don’t have to spend a fortune on something like this, here you are going to learn quick, smart hot oil manicure procedure that you can do right at your home.

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Westworld Timeline

Season 1 had hinted at a world beyond the park where all disease was cured; apparently, that wasn’t the case for absolutely all illness, since James Delos mentions the irony of being killed by the very disease he cut research funding for. Also expanded upon in this episode are new revelations about Bernard: We knew he was built in Arnold’s image, but now it’s clear that Delos never broke the secret to immortality. Therefore, Bernard cannot be Arnold. Bernard is his own person… maybe.

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India has long been touted as an unsafe destination for travellers from all over the world. More so in case of the female travellers coming to India. While safety should always be taken seriously it is easy to follow some simple rules and guidelines to keep yourself out of trouble’s way. So, ladies, it’s your time to tie your shoes and explore the country like never before!

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