September, 2018 | LikeWike

Want to lose weight? Stop Making These 4 Mistakes!

Everyone wants to lose weight, but it seems like most fail ““even after they drop the weight. According to studies, almost eighty percent of people regain the weight they`d lost in no more than five years of losing it.

Mistake #1: Not keeping an eye on the HALT

If there`s one habit that will make or break your health, it will be emotional eating. Studies by the University of the Basque Country consider emotional eating to be the number one reason why people fail to keep the weight they lose in the long term.

Stuffing food in just because your sad, alone or stressed creates more serious issues without offering real solutions.

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Powerful Habits Before 7 AM

Just think about it.

How many times have you made a plan to start exercising from “tomorrow” and when the next morning comes you hit the snooze button without even thinking of getting up?

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How to Handle a Coworker Crush Like an Adult

1. Figure out why you have a crush on them. You need to figure out why you like them. It could be that you’re just bored of your life right now and find this to be the thing that spices it up. I don’t know what the reason is, but I know that you do. You just now have to be honest with yourself – that is, if you actually want to get over your crush.

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How to take care of yourself as a woman

There are many ways to take care of yourself as a woman that goes far beyond this list you’re about to read, but these are the things that have helped me from my teen years and far into womanhood. Hopefully, they’ll help you too.

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Tips to overcome Emotional Eating

Rewarding yourself with a chocolate bar and a glass of wine once you reached a goal or drowning your sorrows in a pint of ice cream may not be news to many women.  However, when this becomes the norm and not the exception we have entered into an unhealthy relationship with food.

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Reasons Sitting Too Long Is Bad For You

With the steady advancement of digital technology, prolonged sitting has become the everyday life of most people at home and in the workplaces. Most people who work in offices spend an average of ten hours a day in front of a computer, which denies them even a little opportunity to exercise throughout the day.

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A Photographer’s Guide to Take a Sexy Picture

1. Keep in mind: Naked is not automatically “sexy.” A common misconception among many is that a nude photo is equal to a sexy photo. Posting a straight nude is like recklessly going all out in a poker game. It get its intended effect at first, but it’s perceived sexiness diminishes later on as there’s nothing left for your audience to see. As you later discover, implied nudity is sexier because it teases and makes your viewers want more.

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