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These Are Three Delicious Ways Indians Cook Eggs

They are most commonly associated with breakfast, but if the popularity of anda bhurji, masala omelette and egg curry is any indication, eggs are an integral part of several regional Indian cuisines. One of the most versatile foods around, eggs are easy to make, cheap and delicious. Scrambled, deep-fried or boiled, these dishes celebrate eggs in all their golden glory.

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1. These is My Words by Nancy TurnerArizona Territories, 1880s

Based on the author’s own family history, this novel tells the story of Sarah Agnes Prine, whom we first see as a 17 year old traveling with her family through the Arizona Territories. Over the course of the book we see her fight to defend her family from Indians, struggle through the hardships of living on the frontier, teach herself to read, fall in love, and become an incredible, tenacious mother. The book is absolutely riveting, not to mention one of the best love stories I’ve ever read, so don’t pick it up unless you can clear your schedule. And yes, it’s going to make you cry, but it’s entirely worth it!

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Vegetable Appam for breakfast

Make your mornings healthier by making these nutritious Vegetable Appams for breakfast. All you need is your regular idli batter and your favourite vegetables. You require very less oil to make them and it’s a perfect tiffin material for your kids. Here goes the recipe.

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Festival Outfits For Every Mood


There’s nothing more festive than wearing gold from head to toe. Try a jumpsuit in a super shiny lame fabric for a fresh take on everyone’s usual go-to sequin dress. Pair it with sparkly statement earrings and a party-ready clutch, and you’ll shine wherever you go.

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