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3 Delightful DIY Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

A best friend is a person who means the world to you. Sometimes, you want to give them something special, and what is more special than a handmade gift from the heart?

1. Ice Cream in a Box

If you have a friend whose birthday is in the summer, they might appreciate this as a chance to cool down.

Although if you are lucky enough, you might have a friend who loves ice cream all year round and can make it for them whenever!

2. Open When

‘Open when’ letters are nice to have around when you know your best friend could be going through some heavy emotions. It could work especially well when you move away from them, temporarily or permanently.  Just a nice reminder that somebody cares, like much of these other items.

3. Chill Pills

This idea would be cute to give to a friend who works in the office with you and understands the stress level of your work environment.

It would also be good for a friend whom you know has a stressful job, even if you can’t empathize with them.

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