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3 Hairstyles for Long Hair in 2018

Long hair is loved by everyone although very few are lucky enough to have long hair. If you are blessed with long hair, you already know what a struggle it is to manage them. But, no matter what you love your long locks. So, why not flaunt them!
We bring you the top three hairstyles for long hair in the year 2018.

  1. Multi-Layered mix
    Multi-layered mix

    This unique haircut is easy to style which is, undoubtedly, a big plus, because you can style your locks yourself at home. A layered haircut looks its best when you make an accent on the tips. You can curl the ends of your tresses with a curling iron or flat-iron your locks with a straightener. Multi layer is the secret ingredient.

  2. Straight and chic
    Straight and chic

    This hairstyle gives you a sleek, chic texture. The simple hairdo is void of any bangs but still have a very sophisticated feel to it.Straight hair almost always has to be slightly backcombed for added volume and enhanced  This hairstyle, saves you a lot of time because it will work with every attire you choose ranging from date night to an office meeting.

  3. Beachy wave
    Beachy wave

    Most of us have hair with at least a little bit of wave in it, so this styleis achievable whether you have fine, flat hair, curly hair or frizzy hair. And if you are really lucky and were born with naturally wavy hair, you might achieve the look with just the right haircut.

The Main Principles of Successful Long Hairstyles

  1. A layered haircut adds volume to long hair and allows for flexibility when styling;long layers at the back and smooth, graded layers to frame the face. You can balance the layers with long bangs that can be styled to either side or straight.
  2. Consider your personal style when choosing layers. Long layers that blend with one another look smooth and sleek, while a long shag hairstyle looks more undone and messy.
  3. When it comes to the layers framing your face, cut the shortest layer so that it highlights the most flattering point on your face—most often the cheekbones or the chin.

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