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5 Best Video Editing Apps for Your iPhone

The power of iPhone can never be underestimated and now they have become more electrifying with the efficient cameras and these cameras, can even shoot 4k videos, the iPhones have the ability to make videos and also to edit them which is phenomenal. For the editing part of the videos on iPhone, we are giving you 5 options of best video editing apps.

  1. iMovie:

It is part of Apple’s own products for iOS (mac OS) and a awesome video editing app for iPhone, you can give this app a try. This app can handle the editing on your iPhone very well as iMovie is launched for the newer generation users of iPhone and you can make out of box videos, empowering your creativity with iMovie.

iMovie iPhone app
(Pic Source – Beebom)

You need to upload these shoots to the videos to the projects and start the editing part. You can do slicing, arranging them to timelines, adding transitions and that is only done by the finger drag awesome. The addition of filter, themes and text can also be done.

iMovie iPhone app
(Pic Source – Beebom)

Undoubtedly, this app is excellent for the iPhone users.

Download this iMovie for app store (free with new iPhone, $4.99)

  1. Videoshop

It is also one of the best tool for video editing in the iPhone, it has a complete storage for the video editing operations on the iPhone. One of the best feature Videoshop is, it can record clips from it or import them from camera roll. The key uses of this app is to inclusion of the text, merging one clips into another clip, into multiple mergers can be done, transition between the merging clips can be done and it adds the effect to the final video. You edit you video and do series of additions and deletion using Videoshop app.

(Pic Source - Beebom.com)
(Pic Source – Beebom)

In the end, the themes and filters can be added to the finished video, add titles, author names and much more. This is fairly easy app to use and has the fast video editing tools.

Download Videoshop form the app store ($1.99, with in app purchases)

  1. Cameo

Another powerful app for the video editing, it is developed by Vimeo. This app enables the iPhone user to easily edit and share the cinematic videos; incidentally this app is the award winning app for iOS. Cameo has basic editing features but it performs really well.

(Pic Source - http://beebom.com/)
(Pic Source – Beebom)

The method is simple to import videos from your camera roll and then do the editing, you can trim, splice, add professional sheen along with the theme and soundtrack. The interface is clean and if you want to do the basic editing of your videos, Cameo is the perfect choice. The good part is, once you are done with the video editing, you can upload to Vimeo or save in camera roll.

Download Cameo app for free

  1. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo, is the mobile version of Wondershare Software’s Filmora and one of the best apps for the video editing on the iPhone, it won’t give a water mark on your video in the end, music and special effects can be included in the video. It works well on the entire iPhones version but best for the iPhone7+. It is not always that iPhone camera guarantees the perfect footage and the video can be made perfect by FilmoraGo, with few trims, splicing, special effects, themes and clips can also be made into fast and slow motions.

FilmoraGo video editing app for iPhone
(Pic Source – Appolicious)

Download FilmoraGo at $39.99

  1. Quik

This is one great app for the video editing in iPhone from  GoPro, it is a quick app as the name suggests and you can make good videos with just a  few taps. Quick has option to download videos from camera roll, Facebook account or Instagram accounts. Once the download of the videos is completed , you can enhance your video and it is also well synced with the iPhone.

 In the editing tools, you have many filters for the effects and the option to add title to the video.

Quik Video editing app for iPhone
(Pic Source – Beebom)

The final video can instantly uploaded to the Facebook account, Instagram account or you can simple Whattsup it or you can simply save it to the video library, like I DO…

Download Quick from the App store (Free)

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