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5 Best Weight Loss App for Your Android and iOS Mobile

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Weight Loss is the key issue that is needs to be address on the immediate basis but our hectic lifestyles and constant eating of junk food leads to obscure lifestyle and that leads to weight gain and various other ailments.

(Pic Source - Weight Loss Natural Tips)
(Pic Source : Weight Loss Natural Tips)

Today, mostly all iPhones and Android phones have extremely powerful sensors that can track your movements with need of any fitness accessory or band, their camera have a barcode scanner which help you to record the food intake and also they have the option to connect your Smartphone and the small screen becomes the large.

Some of the apps for the weight loss are:

1. Lose It, Weight loss App:

It is beneficial app for weight loss and available for the iPhone and Android and it also helps to achieve considerable weight lose. It also includes a website so that you can see the info on the computer also.
Here you can connect to people, have idea about food, diets and other devices also that helps you to lose weight. You can create goals and add group of friends that includes both for support and challenging also.

Lose It Free is free, but has a premium option plan of $39.99, that has much more tracking like meal plans and diet plans for various festivals.

(Pic Source - )
(Pic Source : iPhone Informer)

2. My Fitness Pal:

Another popular app that help you to track your food intake ,exercise and call on friends which are specially for your motivation ,this app is owned by Under Armour and also it gives access to millions of food items , that includes diet food and that helps you to record for your food intake . My Fitness Pal is for Android phone and iPhone, it also connects you to various other apps like FitBit, Withings, Runtastic, Jawbone Up and Pact, it all helps you to track your progress and your daily routine. This app is free and helps in making the diet plans and other handy things that helps in weight loss.

(Pic Source : myfitnesspal)
(Pic Source : myfitnesspal)

3. Pact:

The good part of this app is, it is FREE, and log into your food by putting in the money online, it helps you to reduce weight by eating more veggies and workout. You have the online wallet with the app and now you can start with the weight loss programme with healthy inputs.

(Pic Source : )
(Pic Source : The Family Deal Blog)
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