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5 Cheapest Booze Brands In India

“I don’t drink when I am broke, I drink for celebrations too”
For a Saturday night fun, I will tell you some fairly priced brands with which you can hang out with friends and even alone too. It is just that feeling of being intoxicated matters rest is myth..

Here are some Cheapest Booz Brands:

  1. Wine: The word Wine and Port Wine sounds familiar. The port wine traces can be found in Goa and it was made by the fermentation of grapes. Try two port wines Sula Vineyards Port Wine 1000 (Rs 160 for 750 ml) or Sidus Premium Port Wine by Fratelli (Rs 175 for 750 ml). Go to Goa and enjoy this absolutely cheap and special wine.wine
  1. Whisky: When we are broke we drink whiskey. It is also called poor man’s drink in India. On the weekends, we can see number of people grabbing a whiskey bottle quickly in some shawl or half torn bag with a feeling of BLISS. One of the favorite economical brands is Blender’s Pride (Rs 625 for 650 ml) which is bit like scotch as it is smooth in texture. Other two brands are McDowell’s No.1 (Rs 400 for 650 ml) and Director’s Special (Rs 260 for 650 ml).


  1. Vodka: In winters, everyone feels cold and the heat is Vodka. The drink of TSAR and now for common public travelled to India to be enjoyed by all. The fairly economical brands are White Mischief (Rs 450 for 750 ml ) this is choice for complete broke ones and one more choice Romanov (Rs 530 for 750 ml) and Magic Moments (Rs 590 for 750 ml).


  1. Beer: Beer drinkers have so much to explore but for the daily drinkers, Heineken (Rs 100 a pint), easy on wallet and Kingfisher’s ultra (Rs 80 a pint). There is one more brand Tuborg (Rs.55 a pint). Tuborg is so economical that you can buy for other too and show your philanthropy a bit…..


  1. Gin: This is drink made from juniper berries and also considered as herbal medicine. Your task is done that you are not drinking but taking herbal medicine. The brand which you can go for is Blue Riband (Rs 390 for 750ml)bllueriband-gin

We have given the list and rest is upto you.. Enjoy and have fun.

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