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5 Cities That Are Setting Trends in Smart City Development

As everyone says, smartness don’t have a definition neither does it have a parameter to measure. When we talk about smart cities, what do we actually mean? Smart cities are an urban vision to integrate information and communication technology (ICT) and internet of things (IoT) technology in a secure fashion to manage a city’s assets. This is the dictionary meaning of smart city.

India is a progressive country and thus every city should turn into a smart city. With government taking measures to include every city into this league, it is not a big thing that in near future we will be able to see India as a whole new nation. The Union Ministry of Urban Development is making the things work out for a better future.

Here we will talk about those five cities that have set trends in smart city development and in making towards being a great city in terms of every facility to live in.

  • Bhubaneswar is on the top of the list of the other smart cities that India has. This is a smart city because of the various facilities that this city entails. In near future this city is going to be smarter even as it will get e-municipality services i.e., this city will be conducting all its municipal work via internet. A new app will be made to look after the civic life issues that the city faces which will be named as My City My Pride. The city now has smarter ways of transport and the smart waste management has helped them to get this tag.
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  • Pune is always ahead of it time in respect to various types of projects that makes the city smart enough. The city itself has some great development facilities to be in the list. The advantages of a smart city that Pune has are the physical infrastructure that is quite different from other cities in the nation. Affordable housing is another great advantage of staying in Pune. You can purchase your dream home within your reach. Cleaning is another massive step that the city always takes care of. Lastly the transportation is of superb quality. Its own metro will soon be functional as well.
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  • Ahmadabad is another name in the list. This list provides its citizen everything that a city can give for better living. From education to civic centre, from libraries and parks to sports and recreation centres and from museums to auditoriums and picnic houses. All these aspects are touched in this city and every measures are been taken to enhance the facilities that this city can provide.
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  • Chennai was always a city to look forward. With the smart city project in it, the issues that were an area of concern will be sorted out soon. Traffic issue is one of the gruesome issue that Chennai everyday faces. This will be resolved very soon in this smart city making. Apart from that, other problems will also be considered that will help the city to get a new makeover along with some super facilities for citizens to look forward.
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  • Bhopal, like other cities is setting an example for many other small cities by entering into smart city list. With all core infrastructure elements existing in the city, this can be well placed in the list. Water supply, housing, better transportation, IT connectivity and digitalization and much more is available in this city.
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