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5 Foods Which Will Help You to Fall Asleep Better

Most of us suffer from stress, insomnia, which is lack of sleep. There are some foods in the world which help you to sleep better.

There are some foods for the foodies and non foodies, which will help in sleep better:

1. Walnuts

They  are extremely good source of Tryptophan, walnuts contains amino acid which helps in sleep, as it has serotonin and melatonin, it clicks the body clock cycles and help in better sleep.

(Pic Source : californian walnuts)

2. Almonds

They are rich Magnesium which is responsible for sleep and also lowering the anxiety and stress. They are also headache remedy and when we have lower Magnesium levels.

(Pic Source : tech2gadget)

3. Cheese and Crackers

In the Old Wives’ Tales, warm milk can make you sleep, but in fact any food with Calcium will make you sleep better. So, why not try tasty cheese and crackers, which will help you to sleep and at the same time they are delicious too.

Cheese and Crackers
(Pic Source : sortchachef)

4. Lettuce

Lettuce is a rich source of lactucarium and that’s the reason you will sleep better. It has similar affects, that of opium on brain, a natural sedative for you.

(Pic Source : speciality produce)

5. Pretzels

America’s favourite, Pretzels, help you to sleep way better as they have high glycemic index and after consuming tasty Pretzels, there is natural spike up blood sugar and insulin and also brings down to natural sleep. So, if you are not that insulin resistance types and wants the sugar levels and mood swings  in control, then don’t go for it, otherwise Tryptophan boost is enough for sleep.

(Pic Source : livestrong.com)

This list has not been completed yet and here we are also featuring some plants that helps you in sleep at night.

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