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5 Kitchen Hacks for Fast Cleaning Your Kitchen

Kitchen utensils are the hardest things to clean on the planet, sometimes it is worst than anything you can imagine. But wait, we got you some hacks, which will leave your kitchen clean and shiny.

#Cleaning Mixer and Juicer

It is hell to clean, let me tell you and I have bit laid back approach when it comes to cleaning. So, I developed a hack –Put some liquid detergent in the jar and some warm water and close the lid and press the on button.

It will take the pieces of small veggies or even fruits from it.

Cleaning Mixer and Juicer
(Pic Source – Popsugar)

#Clean the Microwave – Super Easy

You know surprisingly, cleaning the microwave is super easy. What you need is, some wet towels or wipes and place in the microwave. Then turn on the microwave for around 3 -5 minutes. The steams will liquidity the dirt and it will be easy to clean after that.

Clean the Microwave
(Pic Source – Kitchen mag)

#Smelly Microwave – Now no more

Your microwave sometimes stinks like rotten vegetables and meat and it is so horrible that you won’t able to stand that stink. For that you just need one thing, LEMON – Just cut a piece of lemon and places it in the glass of water. Now, microwave it for 3 to 5 minutes and all your smell is gone.

Clean smelly Microwave
(Pic Source – best oven price)

#Second Chance for the Old Coffee Pot

Don’t be in hurry to dump your old coffee pot; in spite you can use this remedy. All you need is fill the quarter of the pot with the ice and rest with lemon and 2 tablespoon of salt. Just rinse after that and your coffee pot is shining as new one.

Clean Old Coffee Pot
(Pic Source-brocant)

#Removal of Tea or Coffee Stains from Your Favourite China Set

Imagine you have your fab China set and it has stains of Tea and Coffee in it.

But I have one remedy to remove it, and that mixing slat and vinegar in the ratio,1:1.Now, rub this mixture over the stains and soon your China Tea Set, will be shining like new.

(Pic Source – Pintrest)
(Pic Source – Pintrest)

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