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5 mosquito repellent plants that will make sure bugs stay away from you.

1. Petunias

Thanks to their scent, petunias are the perfect choice if you want to keep the pest away and keep your garden beautiful as well. With their beautiful colors like pink red purple,  these can quickly improve the aesthetics of your yard, so it’s basically a win-win as they start to keep the bugs away too

2. Peppermint

This plant in the mint family can be extremely useful is peppermint. A lot of bugs are turned off to both the taste and smell of peppermint, so it’s no surprise that mosquitoes feel the same. However, even if you do get bit, your peppermint plant may actually be able to help you heal – when you rub the leaves on your skin, you can start to feel some relief from that terrible itch!


Rosemary is a natural mosquito repellent that do wonders in your garden. Butterflies are a gift if you use this particular plant, since although they work to repel mosquitoes, they’re also great at attracting other things.

4. Scented Geraniums

Scented geraniums are a very popular mosquito repelling plant. Recommended by many, the favored scent seems to be lemon scented, which is reminiscent of citronella grass. They are beautiful blooms with a strong fragrance that keep several types of pests away.

5. Basil

Basil is another herb that can also double as a pest repellent. The pungent smell the basil leaves give off are what keep pests away from us. And since all kinds of basil work to keep flies and mosquitoes at bay, feel free to explore and find the right types of basil to mix into your garden.

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