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5 Places to have cheapest food in Delhi

Delhi folks, if good  food is the only thing you live for and budget comes as a hurdle! If all you think about before an outing is a place that serves food better than you have had, then you certainly should know about these places to help you reduce your worries!!

1. Sri Ram Center for performing arts, Mandi house

Yes, you read that right the same Sri Ram Center which is the favorite place for all the theater people and if you have been there you know that there is no place that can serve food at a cheaper price than their canteen. Visit the place once and it will be in your top list too!

2. Chandni chowk

Okay, this place need no intoduction. From mouth savoring sweets to delicious butter chicken, from chatpata Chaat to soothing lime soda, this is one of the best location for any foodie. So guys gear up with you gang and explore the lanes of chandni chowk to have the best delicacies in town.

3. Majnu ka tila,GTB Nagar

I am sure every food lover must have been to north campus to hangout in the fancy cafes, but guys this place not so far away offers delicious food in beautiful cafes for prices like 400 for two! I mean what else do you want!

4. Moolchand parantha

If Delhi is famous for the monuments, it is also well known for paranthewali gali , but if you avoid crowd then ditch paranthewali gali and have paranthas at stalls near moolchand metro station. A thank full of curries and also a glass of chanch served with 2 paranthas for 80 bucks is certainly something you can’t miss out on.

5. Indian coffeehouse, Connaught place

Who dislikes chilling out in CP, I mean the beautiful park and the posh market is undoubtedly the most sought after location here. But, a visit to this place certainly costs you a lot owing to some of the most expensive cafes. But there is this coffee house where you can have a cup of coffee and a sandwich for less than 50 bucks. Thank me later!!

So guys what are you waiting for! Collect your gang and go for an outing with no budget worries and to the tastiest eateries!

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