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5 plants to help you with the mosquito problem

1. Lemon balm:

This plant has a strong lemon scent. It is a very strong mosquito repellent and are easy to use by just plucking the leaves, crushing and rubbing it over your skin.

2. Floss flower:

These are actually very beautiful plant which produces purple flowers and a very good mosquito repellent as well. They have an aroma which mosquitoes don’t like and they stay away.

3. Marigold:

Marigolds are just really nice with a very vibrant colour and very good to look at. But they also act as a very effective mosquito repellent as well. So it’s good to keep them around.

4. Lavender:

Lavender has that aroma that will actually keep those mosquitoes away from you. The plus point is that this is the type of plant that makes you feel peaceful and comfortable.

5. Catnip:

Catnip is from the mint family that has an aroma to keep mosquitoes away from us. It really helps in keeping the bugs away!


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