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5 Signs that you are dating a Toxic Person

We all met toxic person, in fact they are probably a number of toxic persons around you, not necessarily they are your boyfriends or partners but they can be your friends, co–workers or anyone around you.

But when you were in relationship with them, all got mired, it is quite late that you realised that the dude you are dating was a manipulative, lying, super clingy control freak.

But when it comes to relationships, so many women feel that they will hurt a man, according to a study in a recent journal.

But how toxic persons are, here are the details for it:

  • He is too Good to be True

We are all hurt in the previous relationships and somewhere women are more venerable so they are more suspected to toxic men. These men will sweep you off the floor, when it comes to romance and with the goody-goody talks. Beware and be careful.

(Pic Source : Pinterest)
(Pic Source : Pinterest)
  • He Tells you that He is a Jerk, Debt Laden…

If he tells you that he is buried in debt and is a complete jerk, believe him. Don’t try to convince him or yourself.

(Pic Source – CNN Money crisis)
(Pic Source – CNN Money crisis)
  • You are Already Toxic Man Magnet

It is not something that he is toxic but may be you are toxic men magnet. You always find a bad boy and feels love conquers all, thing is that it is all in your mind. Make your thoughts and relationship goals realistic.

(Pic Source – bolde)
(Pic Source – bolde)
  • Strange Speech Patterns

If you analyse any of these signs just beware, like he is insulting you and then saying, ‘Just Kidding’. Repeating your part of the sentence before answering any question, it means he needs time to manufacture the excuse. All these speech change patterns are indicative that this man is toxic.

(Pic Source - Pinterest)
(Pic Source – Pinterest)
  • Too much of Appreciation, BEWARE

No one is immune to toxic men, but thing is that the person who says all appreciation things for you as you are beautiful, you are so talented and you are young mother or teacher.

(Pic Source – dr david simonsen)
(Pic Source – dr david simonsen)

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