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5 Simple Kitchen Hacks

Here are the Kitchen hacks which will act as your life saviour.

1. De-skin potatoes without a peeler

Time to ditch the peeler again! Peel a potato in a snap by boiling it and then giving it an ice bath. The skin will separate from the potato center and you can pick it right off.

2. Peel boiled eggs in a big batch

Peel multiple hardboiled eggs at a time by shaking them in a lidded container. The eggs won’t be pretty, but they will be ready for an egg salad much quicker than traditional methods.

3. Hull strawberries

Use a straw to hull strawberries. Press a straw through the bottom of a strawberry until it breaks through the top and takes the hull—the white part of the center of the berry—with it. Remove any remaining leaves with your fingers.

4. Remove pomegranate seeds

Cut a shallow cone into the flower end of the pomegranate, then slice off the bottom of the fruit. Score the fruit along its natural ridges, and pry each section apart to reveal the seeds.

5. De-kernel a cob of corn without your teeth

Use a bundt pan to slice corn kernels off the cob. Place the pointy end of the cob on the center hole of the pan (with the open part of the pan facing up) and gently slice downward. The pan acts double duty as both a stand and a kernel collector.

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