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5 Stretching Exercises You Can Do in Bed

Stretching is not just healthy prior to a workout but is extremely positive if performed the moment you get up. This will help discharge pressure and some muscle tightness that you have been suffering.

We are not demanding you to turn out your exercise mats. These easy stretches can be performed in your couch:

  • Press up Exercise

Lean on your belly and gradually force your upper body upwardly. Your weight must lie on your forearms. When you attain a comfort zone, stay for 5 seconds. Go back to the early posture and do again. You could go for five sets/rounds, at first.

Press up Exercise
(Pic Source : Hacer Ejercicios)
  • Knees to Chest Stretch

Rest on your spine and gradually take your knees close to your upper body. Hold your knees in a manner that it presents your lower back circular position. Stay for twenty seconds and gradually move your legs back to the early posture. This stretching exercise forms your hip and thigh muscle stretched. At first, try five sets and slowly you could extend the sets, consistently with your convenience.

Knees to chest stretch
(Pic Source : Stretch Works)
  •  Knee to Different Shoulder Stretch

Rest on your spine and extend your legs. Raise your right leg and hug it. Smoothly drag the right knee cross your body to the left shoulder and stay for twenty seconds. Interchange legs and repeat the set, five instances.

Knee to different shoulder stretch
(Pic Source : www.shiatsutoronto.org)
  • Soft Side Stretch

When resting on your couch with legs joined, lift your arms. Hold the hands and apart from raising your bum, gradually incline towards your left. Stay for five seconds and return to the early posture. Do again on another side. At first, go for five rounds.

Soft Side Stretch
(Pic Source : Noticias Uneatlántico)
  • Hip Lift / Bridge

Rest on your couch with crossed legs and put your hands on the couch supporting you. Your hands must be a foot away from your bum. Raise your upper body and thighs up approaching the top even though placing pressure on your hands. Stay for ten seconds and slowly go back to your early posture. Repeat the stretching exercise, five times.

Hip Lift / Bridge
(Pic Source : Best Herbal Health)

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