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5 Top Rated Places in New York

New York is one of the greatest cities of the world and this place is often considered as the most happening place in the world. The vacation possibilities in this place are endless and you might not even think about this as you have a busy schedule. You know some people come to enjoy the shows of Broadways, some of sight seeings and some for shopping.

We have list down some of the top rated places of New York:

1. Statue of Liberty and Battery Park

Statue of Liberty is France’s gift to America and it was built in 1886 and is a famous symbol of freedom till now. To see the magnificent statue more clearly, Battery Park offers you the great views of the New York harbour and also it has ferry services from there.

Statue of Liberty and Battery Park
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2. Empire State Building

One of the most famous landmark is the Empire State buildings and it was built in 1931 and one of the most famous landmark in the history of New York. There are two observatories above the Empire State Building and on the clear says, one can view till the distance of 80 miles.

Empire State Building
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3. Central Park

It is official playground for the New Yorkers and this huge nature green park makes New York as a green hub, otherwise it would be a concrete jungle. Some of the famous places of Central Park is the Strawberry fields, Central Park Zoo and lake.

Central Park
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4. Broadway and Shubert Alley

Taking Broadway to the lights of New York and this place is incredible, unique and has a long history. It is considered as the pinnacle of theatre industry in New York.

Shubert Alley is the pedestrian pathway on the roads of Broadway and this has well known playhouses like 221 West, 44th Street and the Booth at the 22. In order to watch the popular play, one has to buy the tickets well in advance.

 Broadway and Shubert Alley
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5. Metropolitan Museum of Art

It is not only about the movie, Night in the museum but also this place is a magnificent place and it has 2 million plus images work of art. Metropolitan Museum is commonly knows as ‘The Met’ and was founded in 1870. Wow, yes you read correct, time to put this place too on your bucket list.

Metropolitan Museum of Art
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Here we also have some low budget holiday places in New York.

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