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5 Travel Destinations for Bachelors

If you keep your hearts young and vibrant throughout your life, travelling will also remain young and it never grows old. So there is no particular period to visit any place in the world. But some of them are daring and challenging the bachelors out there to give it a try to visit them and celebrate the single life at a different level. Here is a list of fifteen places around the world every bachelor should visit once.

1. Bali, Indonesia

It is doubtful whether anywhere else in the world there would be a sibling for Bali at least to compete with its serenity for the namesake. Recommended well as a honeymoon destination, a family vacation zone, and an adventure lover’s paradise, Bali is proving that it is not far from satiating solo travelers and if they were bachelors, the happiness would be doubled.

The cordial beaches are spreading smooth carpets and when you feel to just relax, the resort spas arrayed on the beaches are fit and ready. Interact with the local people to know the striving culture of Balinese society, eat from the street shops blending with the normal lifestyle here and find the nightlife more eventful. Get a chance to experience the beauty of this destination.


2. Australia

From the Opera House to the Coral Reefs, Australia shows itself in a diversified way, incomparably alluring. The sole continent cum country in the world has the dense rainforest with scary noises of the wildlife, the aboriginal traditions kept sacred, the furious island scenery and the perfect mélange of natural and manmade attractions lined by the dreams of those spirits lived in the old days.

The Great Barrier Reef, the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Blue Mountains National Park, Bondi Beach, Fraser Island etc. are some of the options where solo travelers, bachelors can immerse in the utmost fun.


3. Sikkim, India

A pleasing gateway to get drenched in the bewitching beauty of the Himalayas is Sikkim, a small region with numerous Buddhist monasteries go hand in hand with the Hindu temples.

The most happening places in Sikkim are undoubtedly the prior choice of bachelors, to trek the uneven snow-covered peaks, to interact with the locals who welcome you with the warm smile always, to encounter the spicy tastes of traditional delicacies, to fall in love with the plunging valleys and cascades and so on.


4. Belgium

Here in Belgium, you come across a great cult of happy people who are preserving their native so well with the compact blend of traditions and the modern perceptions of life. Many travelers, especially bachelors have pointed out that Belgium is the one country where architecture is achingly beautiful.

The belfries once the major part of the culture are still having certain influences, the labyrinth kind of castles and one thing you must do is gorging the waffles and other local cuisines that make you gnaw and ask for more.


5. Goa, India 

Bachelor’s will fall for the word Goa. Hippies from all over the world inspire that sect of solo travellers to keep their tracks right to reach the land of beaches every vacation they have. An eventful holiday time is not just a promise but it is the ego-hurting attitude of this tiny state lying close to the Arabian Sea.

The countless restaurants filled with fresh seafood cuisines, the never sleeping pubs full of dance and music, the remotely located lone beaches, the unlimited adventure in the water; this is what Goa mumbles.


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