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5 Ways to Kick Start Your Relationship to New High

Have you ever noticed that your relationship is going stale and it has lost charm… Think about it and we will give you tips how to make it spark again or these tips are valuable even if you are kicking off a new relationship.

  1. Priortise your love life:

Have couple of love making sessions, it is not that you had when you feel but schedule it and make it happen. Find time alone, switch off your smart phones and all the gadgets and let you two alone in your bedroom.

This will help you to reconnect better and help to give you long lasting memories.

  1. Think outside the bedroom:

Normally, just to have sex in the locked bedrooms.. It is completely boring thing for ladies as it has no fun… Try some new places, firstly in home like kitchen or anywhere.. Or try some accommodation nearby like hotels, guest houses and beyond. Unfold yourself in the scenic beauty.

(Pic Source - HD Wallpapers Rocks)
(Pic Source – HD Wallpapers Rocks)
  1. Kissing is the key:

Kissing gives both the partners feel good factor and both love them too, if you start off with a smooch before love making it is gonna make that night special. Kissing releases oxytocin, the hormone responsible for calmness and connection.

  1. Speak up:

Talking is best way to connect initially and the relation will only last if one does not lie and hide.

Hide &Seek game ends up in a betrayal and eventually into a breakup. If you guy is doing something that is pleasing you then don’t hide from him but tell him. Beware men have huge ego so don’t bruise it and end up in a tussle but tell him with love..

  1. Focus Lady:

Every guy wants his gal to be hot and sexy. Adorn yourself with a light makeup, a new outfit and sexy lingerie. This will make you feel confident about then exhibit your skills, belive me your guy will be completely enthralled by your beauty..


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